1. m

    nice one hahhaha. love this haikyuu, no haiku of yours especially.

  2. n

    People have no problem with musicians and painters doing their stuff at their paces, but apparently the same tolerance won't be given to manga artists. Japanese even tend to think of mangaka as some ordinary businessmen. It's a common misconception among people, I guess.

  3. N

    nice one, though I was under the impression that the 'x' is silent

  4. M

    Hunting for Haiku?

    You fancy yourself clever,

    But sadly you're not

  5. m

    Isn't Hiatus 3 syllables, or am I retarted?

  6. Haiku is actually not syllable-dependent (one of the earlier ones has this discussion in it somewhere already). It focuses on On, which is "syllable weight" (sort of). Neither the word of the concept translates perfectly, but that makes any haiku not written in Japanese an approximation to begin with.

  7. m

    Goes to show I know absolutely nothing about poetry at all, let alone haiku specifically.

  8. S

    Love it! Thank you so very much, Enzo!
    I sure hope Kurapika gets more screen time! My Best Boy’s been absent for way too long and I like HxH best when all four of the main characters have a role to play…

  9. m

    Now that chimera ant arc is over (in the manga) they'll prob bring him back to reclaim his trap status from Pitou.

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