1. e

    You win a giant bruschetta :,) .

  2. W

    Thanks for the haiku, Enzo! I love it. 🙂

    I had to look up natto on Wiki and it looks…interesting. The "slimy texture" bit may be my favorite part of the description… Hehe

  3. R

    I….I'm not sure how to feel about this (why GARLIC T_T) but I am seriously enjoying your haikus. They always make me laugh.

  4. e

    Why NOT garlic. Garlic is tasty smelly awesomeness both raw and cooked :Q____ .

  5. Garlic is pure awesome – utterly delicious and great for the body. Just don't plan on going on a deitou immediately after.

  6. G

    I googled up natto…it looks….unappetizing..>>. You know what, I never even considered garlic vegetable..o__O, but it is very delicious.

  7. Ninni-kun is GAR-licous.

  8. e

    *whistling innocently* royalties?

  9. I take full credit for Ninni-kun.

  10. e

    You win the cuddly-sounding bit for sure here…
    As Italian Ninna Nanna goes I'm having a baby garlic in the cradle moment :,)

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