1. J

    Some FLCL always brightens my day.

    Did she say that in the series, though? I could have sworn I had memorized every line from that show, and I don't recall her saying that.

  2. You're correct – she actually says it in the manga (the closest she gets in the anime is "It takes an idiot to do cool things – that's why it's cool" – but I find this quote more elegant). I highly recommend the manga, BTW – instead of trying to do a literal adaptation of the anime (which is note perfect as is) Ueda Hajime keeps the essence of it, but offers a significantly different take on the art and story.

    I've always found something rather profound in that quote. It seems as if it was elemental to what anime was all about for a long time, but mostly no longer is.

  3. J

    Cool, thanks for the insight. I'll check the manga!

  4. I

    Considering the three really drunk girls who nearly crashed their wrangler in to me on the way back home, I think girls can have some bliss as well.

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