Important Facts About Me

And that’s what counts.

Rei or Asuka? Rei
Ketchup/Mustard: Ketchup
Kate/Allie: Allie
Eva – 25/26/EoE: 25-26
Felix/Oscar: Felix
Beatle: George Harrison
Stooge: Curly
Spielberg Film: A.I./Empire of the Sun (tie)
Siskel/Ebert: Ebert
Pinot: Yes Merlot: No
Picard/Kirk: Picard
Bush/Obama: None of the Above
Drive/Fly: Drive
Hiromi/Noe: Hiromi
Ramen: Anytime
Natto: Never
L4-L5 disc deteriorated beyond all usefulness
Chardonnay: No oak
Beer: Belgian, if possible
Pizza: Stuffed or Deep Dish
Cubs/Sox: Cubs
Blog: Yes
Tweet: No
Facebook: What?


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