Osomatsu-san 2 – 02

Given everything that Osomatsu-san has already thrown at us in two episodes, it seems a pretty safe bet that this is going to be a season where the self-topping outrageousness factor is going to be sky-high.  So far so good – I mean, it is working – but that approach can run up against a diminishing returns problem eventually.  I don’t know how long this second season is going to be, but it might not be the worst thing in the world if it’s a single cour since Fujita and Matsubara are clearly going full-speed right out of the garage.

That whole nipple thing, I just don’t know…  For sure I get Otou-san and Okaa-san being fed up with having six NEET children sponging off them, but nipples and cleavers is to me more outrageous than funny.  And poor Choromatsu, being left as the last nipple standing – that’s a lot of pressure.  The final bit with the Youtube channel and “Completely Naked Man” was better to my tastes, though still not vintage Osomatsu-san material.

Things pick up after that, as we get a chapter focused on Iyami with a a side of Dekapan and Dayon.  My favorite part of this segment, I think, was that Iyami’s part was at the “Overbite Society“.  That, and that last kid randomly showing up to toss poop on Iyami’s suit.  Iyami is an interesting one in terms of his interactions with the sextuplets, as he performs the role of both schlemiel and schlimazel depending on the situation, but while (as usual) he hardly comes out on top, it’s definitely more the former here.

Ah, invisibility…  This was the clear standout of the week for me, as the whole riff on the variation in the brothers’ internal organs was hilarious.  I loved Ichimatsu having a delicate, fragile heart, and then Totty none at all.  Obviously (as Totty pointed out) this was a play on the old anime invisibility cliche, but definitely on the dark side.  It’s bad enough that the brothers don’t remember what Osomatsu looks like and render him perfectly what trying to draw a “pervy shit”, but then no one – not even their parents – recognizing there’s anything different with any of the sextuplets.  One thing can be said for sure – this series doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to sizing up its own protagonists…



  1. M

    Ichimatsu was the one with the fragile heart. Karamatsu had a disco ball in place of a heart.

  2. Whoops, I do that sometimes.

  3. e

    FreeTheNip. Bloodily. I clamped myself in sympathy there *TMI*
    The invisibility bit was funny (no heart disco ball heart and fragile heart plus loopy clown bowels were my faves anatomy display moments. Also the muscley to vein bit went from Shingeki to Alabaster pretty fast for me) and rather sad at once. Sure there is a gap between how you see yourself and how others see you but when no one among even their supposedly close ones could tell the difference at the most basic level… :,/
    Poor Iyami too. R.I.P his snazzy purple suit. But as they say… sometimes sh*t just happens. He has some mean Captain Tsubasa soccer skills btw.
    – Also the ravaging of the buffet. Classic. Every buffet I’ve witnessed – especially in the last 10 or so years – is WAR (Humanity Has SO Declined) or at the least a survival of the fittest/how thin the crust of civility is litmus test regardless of how elegant the venue is supposed to be :°D. Just unleash the hungry pithecus within.
    – the how and why of some videos and streamers going viral and popular continue to elude me but honestly given the level of some of the popular content I can’t blame the guys for trying there :°D

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