Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 21

It’s a two (rather than the now usual three) parter today, and I think Kyoukai no Rinne is well-served by that.  Two stories long enough to dig our teeth into, both slightly (but only slightly) more serious than normal.

  • Renge and Jumonji suspecting Rinne-kun of stealing the jidouhanbaiki money could hardly be less surprising.  But it almost seemed as if Mamiya Sakura wavered for a while there, too.  That’s a bit disappointing.
  • Could Annette-sensei possibly be any more useless as a human being?
  • Taken as canon, this first chapter could make interpretation of “2001: A Space Odyssey” exponentially more difficult.
  • I like pretty much any story involving Ichigo.  She’s almost unbelievably convincing as a mother reincarnated as a little girl, and perfectly straddles the line as a character between grounded and absurd.
  • That old woman…  There’s was something sort of tragic about a life of positive energy like that tainted by a few moments of pettiness.  But then, old people are grouchy.
  • Three generations exercising a spirit – that is indeed a first (it’s not like Sabato has ever been any help in that respect).
  • Rokudon-kun and Grandma Tamako are a perfect illustration of the difference between “frugal” and “cheap”.  Circumstances are everything.




  1. M

    There better be some happy resolution for Rokuda by the end of the manga because the way he’s constantly tormented is really off-putting at times.

  2. b

    I didn’t ship Renge and Jumonji before, but they had a nice ‘vaguely-fascist-student-counsel-members’ synergy going on this episode.

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