Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 20

I’m not blaming anybody for the lack of feedback on Kyoukai no Rinne posts this season, believe me.  It’s always been a fairly tough show to write about, being as comedy-driven as it is.  And this season hasn’t exactly stretched the premise much, apart from the introduction of Ichigo-kaasan.  But since we’re here, I’ll keep at it – hell, I’m still enjoying myself anyway.  A few highlights this week:

  • Masato has never been a huge favorite of mine, but seeing him with angel’s wings was pretty good.
  • How many points is a loser of a demon like that worth, anyway?
  • I’m surprised the Narrator didn’t make a public service announcement to beware of hippos, as they kill more people than any other animal in Africa.
  • It’s true – they do.
  • Shoma-kun having a crush on Ichigo-chan?  That’s change I can believe in – comic potential abounds.  Maybe we’ll get to see Shoma and Sansei fight over her?  Though Sansei does tend to like older women, technically she is one…
  • When will teens in this series learn – never, ever leave the house to go to a fated meeting with your beloved?
  • I totally knew that girl was going to be Mamiya Sakura’s mother.
  • Let me get this straight – when she got married her name changed from Miyamae to Mamiya?
  • How is it, exactly, that Rokudo-kun always has the exact Shinigami tool for every situation despite being absurdly poor?  Does that cloak have magical pockets?




  1. N

    I may not comment, but I still love reading every Kyoukai no Rinne post!

  2. Never a surer bet to get comments than to comment that a series isn’t getting comments… ;-P

  3. M

    I do not actually watch the show but I do enjoy reading what you write about it. I read the first 40 or so chapters and just gave up on it as not being very good in any way. It read like she was on autopilot.

  4. That asshole tried to kill Sakura.

  5. I’m another person who reads all your posts but never comments. But I appreciate you writing about Rinne. I’ve loved the series from the start and think it’s still really funny! My fav segment this week was seeing Masato forced to be good. Thanks for your hard work!

  6. N

    lol, I’ve been neglecting my duty as a Rinne commenter this season. Haven’t watched anything but the first episode, but I was just getting ready to remedy this condition.

  7. M

    I love Kyoukai no Rinne. It’s the anime that relaxes me and makes me laugh the most this season. My life got a little bit tougher this year and I am so thankful it is airing right now. I wish it was always on the anime schedule, it helps me a lot. My favorite character this season is definitely Rinne’s mom, her dynamic with her son is cute and funny.

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