Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 17

This show has several candidates for it, but Annette-sensei may just be the worst person in the world.

Does Kyoukai no Rinne have a food obsession?  Well, yes – because Rinne himself has one.  That’s what happens when you’re a starving teenager and your relatives are either too cheap or too crooked to feed you most of the time.  It also has a cheapness obsession – maybe for some of the same reasons.  And it seems like as the show has gotten darker and sillier every season, most of the cast has been getting cheaper and generally that much more craven.  This is a darker comedy than it ever gets credit for.

Seriously, Annette-sensei…  Even in competition with the likes of Grandma Tamako-san, she’s incredibly cheap.  Even held up against stalwarts like Ageha she’s unbelievably lazy.  It’s no wonder her mother and grandmother like onsen so much (I love the casual way Jumonji-kun tossed off that line) – would you want to be in the same house with her?  I felt more sorry for “Head Man” than anything here – even if he was lying about trying to get a peep (which is appropriate if you think about it).

Meanwhile we have two more cheap bastards (by necessity, true) who add almost Sabato-level dishonesty to their roster of sins, Refuto and Raito.  Their scam this time is getting Rokudo-kun to guard (for 300 yen) the offering dumplings they’ve set aside for the prosperity spirit who resides on the moon (fittingly, a rabbit).  Honestly, the best thing would have been to just let Rokumon-chan eat the damn things already – at least one of our heroes wouldn’t have gone to bed hungry.  Refuto has many faults (he’s all faults, really) but he’s definitely not hard of hearing.  He just doesn’t want to do any real work.

Finally, the cheap bastards at the Shinigami Bureau are once more trying to get free labor out of the Shinigami – this time purifying saury spirits in the same of a saury festival.  The most disturbing part of this chapter to me, frankly, is the saury spirit whose desire is to be charcoal grilled to perfection – that just doesn’t seem right.  Nevertheless you just know Rinne isn’t going to be walking away from this with any delicious autumn saury for dinner (though he at least gets three bowls of rice, which is actually ahead of the game for him).


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