Hunter X Hunter – 366

It’s interesting to speculate on Togashi-sensei’s intentions in showing us a check-in on all the princes and queens.  On the one hand, since it’s pretty much impossible for any normal human to keep all these faces and names straight, it makes sense as a way to give everyone’s memory a boost.

The main effect for me, though, is that it reminds me how little I like any of them – and I wonder whether that’s Togashi’s intention, too.  Most of these people aren’t very nice, for starters – but many of them have a level of petty obnoxiousness that makes it hard to feel anything for any of them.  To be honest I’m kind of ready for the carnage to really start happening already – thin the herd and start to focus the arc on the ones that really matter.

Tserried is definitely one of those.  He’s also one of the few among the princes that shown the charisma to really stand out – even if he is so evil that his bodyguards (who are also among the more charismatic figures in “Dark Continent”) dread the idea of his learning Nen.  And it only makes sense that he’d be a genius at it.  He’s one to watch, that’s for sure – and he seems to be less concerned with mixing himself up in this early skirmishes than in preparing himself for the larger ones to come.

Confirmed: Kurapika has been in Emperor Time for this entire stretch, looking for an opportunity for Oito to use her borrowed ability.  Ouch.  Kurpaika is an incredibly self-destructive person, but this is taking things to an extreme, even for him.  And developments in the final panels suggest he may be forced to use E.T. even more than he planned…

Yes, Chrollo has made his way to the ship.  That’s certainly a complicating factor, to say the least.  Chrollo looks pretty out of it – who could blame him.  Does he know Kurapika is on board?    In any event, Kurapika and Chrollo being together certainly spikes the punch.  As I mused a few weeks ago, what the heck would happen if Kurapika used “Steal Chain” on Chrollo??



  1. h

    kuroro’s room number 37564 is a number play. It means… Mi – 3, Nna – 7, Go – 5, Ro – 6, Shi – 4. minnagoroshi.
    “Kill Everyone.
    -and it seems ,I’m from the few who enjoy the princes succesion war,I enjoy the focus on them

  2. LOL, didn’t catch that wordplay by Togashi. Very clever.

  3. C

    It seems really weird to me that Kurapica failed to notice until now how his own ability could easily get him stuck in Emperor Time until he dies. Isn’t that normally the first things you’d think of with those particular restrictions?

  4. M

    It’s not like he didn’t notice it before. In fact, it’s the very reason he refused to equip “Air Cannon” – because he doesn’t want to get trapped by conditions which are hard to, or impossible, to fulfill. He equipped “Little Eye” because it’s very useful for espionage and he didn’t think the conditions were too rough – you simply have to find an insect or a small vertebrate, and ET will not bury you into the ground.

    But that decision quickly backfired. The higher levels of the ship experience no bugs, largely because they are isolated and better maintained. And Kurapika & the Queen are now isolated themselves, in a room full of guards that’ll turn on him with pleasure if they find out his abilities. Keep in mind that not revealing your abilities is a huge advantage in Nen, because as Moral once said, tables can turn at any moment. This is why Kurapika keeps fooling people into thinking he’s a Manipulator-type – it increases his survival chances.

    So Kurapika is largely a victim of circumstance in this particular scenario; he didn’t expect “Little Eye” to backfire so much. But it’s largely his fault for engaging in such reckless self-destructive behavior in the first place. He was bound to eventually get in this situation. Which is why he was naive.

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