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This is Hunter X Hunter, so you know Togashi-sensei is going to grind out the details.  And this succession war is not disappointing – if indeed we’re getting to the Dark Continent it’s looking like it’s going to take at least a hundred chapters to get there (I didn’t major in mathematics but even I know that’s two years, even if Togashi were to somehow avoid hiatuses).

Leave it to Hunter X Hunter to make that maid who was standing in the corner the most important character in the chapter.  She has a name (I’ve almost despaired of keeping them straight in this arc) – Shimano.  And it’s she who ends up manipulating the crisis of the three princes and their simultaneous entreaties for discussion.  She says it’s because she simply wants to live and is doing what she can to try and make that happens.  That means patching Kurapika through to the third prince, Zhang Lei, when he asked to talk to the first.  Her reasoning?  The first prince is a bloodthirsty man who can’t be negotiated with.  He would also be too proud to wait to speak, while the fifth prince (Tubeppa) would not.

Could Zhang Lei be the breakout character among the princes, the one who’s both charismatic and temperate enough to make a compelling anchor for this arc?  Who knows – but he’s off to a decent start.  Shimano considers him intelligent, patient and pragmatic – “kind and cruel” at the same time.  But of course a conversation with the third prince means bodyguards from the first and second hovering over you, so how do Kurapika and Zhang Lei have a meaningful negotiation that isn’t conveyed directly to them?  That the first prince is the enemy of Oito and Woble seems a given at this point.

Incidentally, it seems as if Kurapika is in Emperor Time during the entire duration of this chapter – which even with Togashi’s legendary time compression means he’s taking an awful lot of time off his lifespan.  Never let it be said that this guy isn’t willing to make sacrifices – though my fear, as ever with Kurapika, is that he’s simply decided that he’s going to die young anyway and it isn’t worth worrying about it…



  1. B

    Just to clarify, he can only be in Emperor Time when his scarlet eyes are activated, but he’s not automatically in it when his eyes are scarlet. Just getting angry turns his eyes read. I don’t think he went into full battle mode, but let me know if I’m wrong. 8)

  2. That’s possible… But I’m not sure. It seemed to me that Togashi was suggesting he was in Emperor Time.

  3. J

    Yeah, he seems to be in Emperor Time. As far as I have gathered, he is forced to use Emperor Time as long as a stolen ability is equipped to the Dolphin (compare chapter 361, page 15). While Kurapika did transfer the ability to Oito last chapter, the wording of the Dolphin was that it only transfered the rights to use it, not that it isn’t equipped to the Dolphin anymore (hence why Kurapika said to Oito that the ability has a time constraint). So yes, as long as Oito isn’t using Little Eye on something, Kurapika should be forced to stay in Emperor Time according to my understanding.

  4. C

    He is specifically in Emperor Time for as long as his Skill Stealing Dolphin is activated, which is until the skill he stole is used. Since he gave that skill to queen Oito, he’s stuck in Emperor Time until she can use it. It’s draining away his lifespan constantly, and way faster than simply “dying young”. If he’s stuck in Emperor Time for a significant portion of the arc, it’s not out to the question for him to drop dead on the middle of the boat.

  5. h

    So, after finally catching up with the manga chapters in hope of not yet another hiatus any time soon, I can finally post here as well after already enjoying your anime posts!

    I actually felt like they DID use the dolphin’s power. Right after the group leaves the room there was a single panel focusing on a small something (bug?) on top of kind of a wooden structure/ board (?). So maybe she used it on a bug so they could watch what the first prince’s bodyguard is doing in the room? Or maybe even get the bug to catch a ride on the bodyguard to spy on him further? Maybe that’s even why the Queen is shaking so much because she sees what’s currently happening wherever her bug is right now and not because of the tension in the room?
    Or is it maybe some kind of surveillance from one of the other princes? Whatever, that panel definitely seemed suspicious. Plus we never see the dolphin again afterwards. (Which doesn’t have to say anything, Im aware, seeing how it wasn’t always shown before either…. but who knows…)

  6. Yes I saw that bug. He drew that for a reason.

  7. Isn’t that the boat they are currently on?

  8. J

    Yeah, that’s definitely the boat. Looks like a whale from afar, you can even see the trail of steam behind it. The ‘wooden surface’ is simply the water.

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