Hosting Upgrade – UPDATE

A quick update here: the migration is tentatively done (knock on wood) but I did lose a couple of days posts and comments in the transition.  The posts are back up, and I re-added the comments manually.  Thanks for your patience.

Good morning, Readers.  Just a quick note – LiA is going to be migrating to a new hosting solution today, so if there’s a but of downtime, that’s the reason.  Hopefully this will be seamless but the site may be down briefly at some point.  Thanks for your patience.



  1. R

    I hope that means you had the comments printed out on paper and painstakingly typed each one out again.

  2. M

    Just painstakingly handwriting each and every single bloody letter of deleted comment, until the fountain pen tip breaks, no, until the tip of the feather corrodes and the ink bottle dissipates, just covering the parchment in sweat and blood and tears.

    This man has dedication.

  3. ROFL. Honestly? I copied them from the old dashboard into a doc. file, then pasted them over into the relevant posts.

    Hey – if people took the time to leave them, I felt like I owed it to them to make sure they weren’t lost.

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