Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season – 03

Getting sick while traveling is not a good combo at the best of times, least of all when it’s for business.  Anime blogging is hard under those circumstances to say the least – those are three pretty big strikes against it.  So apologies if I’m a little brief and seem a bit out of it (if I miss more typos than usual you’ll know the reason why).  Of course, if I’m going to try and write about anime under those conditions Kyoukai no Rinne is about as good a candidate as I’m likely to find, given that it’s a show I could pretty much enjoy if my hair was on fire.

As a bonus, this was one of those three-part mini-episode collages, which are generally even more silly than normal.  The first of them was kind of a catch-all lark for the supporting cast, most of whom seemed to show up somewhere during the story of what happens when a bunch of student Shingami are forced to clean the Rinne (by Rinne’s grandma in an attempt to save money, natch).  Everyone does their thing – Sabato steals, Ageha is an idiot, Kain is a douchebag, Matsugo pines for Rinne, Renge snows Kain. And the narrator warns us twice not to get sucked into the Rinne.

Next up it’s the return of Refuto and Raito, the absurd and star-crossed hucksters of the Shinigami equipment world.  This time around they’ve crafted a hacksaw scythe out of cursed spirit iron they’ve illegally dug up – yeah, that seems like a good idea…  Renge and Ageha turn up again, as does Kain, and while Ageha does score by being the world’s biggest idiot (and in this world, that’s saying something) I think the biggest laughs here go to the narrator – who not just tells us for the third time not to get sucked into the Rinne, but makes us promise not to dig up cursed spirit iron and make a scythe out of it.

Finally, we get the tale of a boy haunted by the spirit of a dog.  And of the boy’s new dog, who may actually be just as big an idiot as Ageha.  This one is so silly that it hardly Bero’s discussion (I warned you I was logy), but it does serve as a reminder that overfeeding can be just as bad for a dog as underfeeding – it just takes a lot longer to show it…



  1. b

    Can we talk about the fact that Tamako almost killed her own son by happily flinging him at the reincarnation wheel thingy?

  2. Yeah, but let’s be honest – he deserved t!

  3. Sabato is such a scumbag that the “standards” of what a mother shouldn’t do to her son start to get a little muddy.

  4. N

    Man, Bero’s story hit much to close to home… I was tearing up like it was 5cm/s 🙁

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