Seiren – 11

Maybe it’s because I’m emotionally drained after last night’s viewing (and coverage) of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but to be honest I don’t have a whole lot to say about this week’s episode of Seiren.  It was perfectly fine, full of the same sorts of reasonably charming adolescent eccentricities that are the heart of the series.  But it didn’t seem to move things forward a whole lot as far as I can tell.

Basically, Kyouko almost got hit by a truck and Shouichi saved her (cliche as it gets, though for a change it was the driver’s fault).  Then Kyouko knitted Shouichi a pair of manties – which I guess is a sign of intimacy.  But what were those made out of, exactly?  I mean, crush or no, what guy is going to want to wear woollen underwear?  That’s serious chafing waiting to happen.  Then she almost made him watch her try on panties herself, though in the end it was more creative visualization than anything.  Oh, and the Christmas tree turned out really nice.

Basically, I think all this is Kyouko’s way of trying to let Shouichi know she’s finally figured out he’s not the tonari no onee-san, while still giving him the option of actually asking her out (this is still Japan, after all).  I have no issues with the way it was presented but again – just not a whole lot of reaction.  I hope we get something definitive next week, as it’s the last episode (for the moment).  I like Kyouko a lot – she’s kind and doesn’t have any “-deres” at the end of her character description.  But on balance, it’s the Tooru arc (she had a little cameo here) that’s had the most traction for me in Seiren.


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  1. N

    I only now got around to watching this arc. I like it.
    Some stray thoughts:
    1. I like this show better then Amagami. And it’s preciously because Serien isn’t a very good romance show. Amagami was so hell bent on romance, it resulted in one or two insufferable arcs.
    2. I like how the show doesn’t reset completely after each arc, and instead keeps some of what happened as cannon. This is the most interesting arc because there’s so much background to build on.
    3. Shouichi is a great MC. A king of the beta males who’s very comfortable with his throne.

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