Masamune-kun no Revenge – 05

I listed Masamune-kun no Revenge as “On the Bubble” in the check-in post, and it’s fair to say it’s even more so than it was when I wrote it.  I still sort of like this series but as we progress, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s actually a formula rabu kome (no, not that one) with a modest twist rather than anything remotely subversive or unique.  Though that does mean I can watch it for a light-hearted palate cleanser after Kuzu no Honkai.

I don’t know who this new girl – Fujinomiya Neko – is yet, but more importantly I don’t really see what she brings to the plot.  I like Mimori Suzuko (Suzu in Kyoukai no Rinne, Rurumo in Majimoji Rurumo) a lot – she’s a very good comic actress – but the character leaves me flat.  She’s just another silly person trolling Masamune-kun, and her Christianity seems to be played as nothing more than a quirk or gimmick.  Because Masmune-kun doesn’t really have sharp teeth, all of that nonsense comes off as more annoying than anything else – there’s no sense of real threat.  In that sense I liked it better when Aki was truly evil and Masamune was totally screwing up his life with his revenge obsession.

I’ll keep an eye on this series for the moment, though if the next episode doesn’t do more for me than this one this I suspect I may drop it for coverage at least temporarily.  I hope it convinces me otherwise, because there’s not a whole lot to choose from this season and losing anything even close to the cutoff kind of stings.


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