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    Did you, by any chances, read the doujinshi Onani Master Kurosawa?

  2. That’s a manga rather than a doujin, isn’t it?

  3. e

    I am not 100% sure about OMK, been a while since I read it.
    But right now I am following a title being published ( continued) in doujinshi form by the original mangaka due to a legal tangle post closure of the magazine + her wait for a new magazine slot to become available… given the blurring of the lines between official and amateur over the years for some original works to be either born or survive as doujin does not seem impossible as a concept.

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    I always thought OMK was a doujin, probably because of the art style, but maybe I’m wrong. I remember several blogs hyping it like crazy back then when it got translated and refering to it as an amateur manga.

    Elianthos> What is the name of that manga/doujin that is currently being published? I’m curious about it since I really liked her two previous works.

  5. Well, I know it was associated with a couple of different publications that certainly qualify as “manga” in the industry sense.

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    The nod to Jinrui felt 100% Enzo.
    Among the big names I remember CLAMP started via doujinshi in the ‘modern’ sense of the term.
    And quite a few mangaka&doujinka are rather easily trackable on Pixiv – including previews of their next planned doujinshi and/or con booth 😀 -.

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