2017 Pledge Drive

Once more I come before you to gently remind you that there are many ways to support LiA – and, of course, that getting whatever support I can is critical to keeping the site going. I have several options available to anyone who’d care to pitch in. All of these are at the top of the sidebar:

  • Patreon Pledges – Any amount you care to offer per post (with a monthly cap option). A very popular choice these days.
  • The Amazon and Amazon UK Store. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier than this one because it doesn’t cost you a penny extra. All you have to do is shop Amazon like you always do (and I know you do, so don’t deny it) using the links in the sidebar.
  • Paypal (either one-time pledges, or monthly subscriptions, whichever you find more convenient).
  • Of course, the ads. As always, I pledge never to resort to pop-ups or pop-over ads – but it does kick in a little when you click on these (especially if you buy something, of course).

Obviously, my sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who’s already pitched in to help and/or currently acts as an LiA patron. I don’t enjoy writing these posts but all things considered, I don’t feel too guilty about it. I only ask once a year, and I never employ any “tiered” content or members-only perks. It’s all voluntary, and I’m grateful to everyone who visits whether they pitch in financially or not. And to be honest I put in way, way more time on LiA than a gainfully employed person ever should.

I’m still working on some new ways to grow the site – most obviously the Notaku Youtube channel, which is still something I’d like to try and make happen. There are a lot of challenges with that which I won’t bore you with, but rest assured that the intent is still there and plans are afoot.

As always thank you for your time, your support, and for being visitors and contributors – and look forward to a great year at LiA! I know there’s a lot of scary and infuriating stuff happening in the world right now (and believe me, I’m scared anf infuriated) so I’ll do my best ot make LiA a refuge from all that in its own small way.

Stay frosty,





  1. G

    I noticed you quit linking your articles on MAL here…Is that something they dictated? Or just something that felt unnecessary?

    The MAL panel you do some of those posts with is interesting. I’m a big Scamp fan from his blog he really doesn’t post much on anymore, but the other people they have on there don’t do much for me. How are those sessions done? Just some quick emails? Do you guys ever Skype or anything?

    Finally, any plans for more RC podcasts? Those were a lot of fun…

  2. ROFL, the problem is that they don’t notify me when they post those roundtables so I only find out when someone mentions it or I happen to check. Those sessions are done via shared documents, where we post in sequence and then reply to each other. I’ve never Skyped or anything with them.

    As for RC podcasts I’d like to do more, but it’s pretty much only myself and Samu-kun (aye) who seem to have any appetite for them these days. We may do more but there’s no immediate plans.

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