Winter 2017 Season Preview

This is a good season to keep your expectations in check.

Listen, I won’t beat around the bush, because there’s no point – most of you already know my feelings about next year’s prospects for anime. On paper 2017 looks like a down year, and Winter 2017 the worst season in my lifetime as an anime fan. Winter 2013 was pretty bad (Kotoura-san was the only non-sequel I finished that season) but Winter may just be even worse this time around.

Of course, those are two very different projections. Winter’s schedule is a known quantity, and I’m only previewing 12 shows – the lowest number since I started this site. But we know more about the rest of next year than you might think, especially Spring. Indeed, when you factor in that a sizable number of the series not officially scheduled yet will end up as Spring entries, we already know over half of that schedule. And it’s not pretty.

Am I worried? You bet. 2016 will likely end up being a pretty good year for anime creatively, but most of the ambitious series flat-out tanked commercially. And what we know of 2017 has the stink of capitulation and defeat to it, as if 2016 was the last chance for those in the industry advocating creative ambition to show they could deliver the Yen – and they failed. Formula and cliche is everywhere, the docket full of derivative shows that blatantly parrot tropes that weren’t any good to begin with. There’s a difference between climate and weather – and 2016 feels more like a cool day bucking the global warming trend than anything else.

This is the Winter 2017 Preview, of course, so let’s focus on that. And I’ll try and be positive, as tough as that is. We do have a great sequel, the second season of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. And what looks like a great manga adaptation in ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, Madhouse’s adaptation of Ono Natsume’s manga, featuring an all-star staff list. Plus there are a couple of other welcome sequels on the docket. So… Yeah.

Stepping back, I can’t see any overriding pattern apart from a general bunker effect. It’s a small schedule, maybe light even for Winter – but that’s probably not a bad thing. One widely-held theory is that there are simply too many TV anime being produced these days, diluting the spending power of the audience and overtaxing a studio system already reliant on underpaid and overworked animators. There’s enough thematic variety here that you might just find a couple of shows on the schedule that appeal to you – but if you’re expecting a packed anime calendar, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.


The sidebar poll is in the usual place – go get it.  Without further ado, on to the previews:



Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen – A-1 Pictures
Director: Hatsume Kouichi
Writer: Oono Toshiya
Schedule: Premieres Friday 01/06, 25:55
Episodes: TBA



First Look: Ao No Exorcist’s return probably provides the most widely-anticipated sequel of the season, and it’s not hard to see why.  The Shounen Jump manga is extremely popular, and received a very solid adaptation from A-1 Pictures in 2011 (an eternity ago by anime standards) – albeit one whose anime-original ending was widely (and excessively) panned by fans.  There was also a successful theatrical original film, which was quite beautifully produced.

I like this series quite a bit – it’s a very good shounen, though not quite a great one IMHO.  It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up after so long away.  Long-time animator Hatsumi Kouichi is finally stepping up into the director’s chair, but most interesting for me is seeing Oono Toshiya jump in on series composition.  I adored Tsuritama, was massively disappointed in Gatchaman, and I’m curious to see what Oono can do with adapted material.  A-1 is a studio whose productions range from threadbare to lavish, but they figure to treat AoEx as a prestige title and give it the latter treatment.


Masamune-kun no Revenge – Silver Link
Director: Minato Mirai
Writer: Yokote Michiko
Schedule: Premieres Thursday 01/05, 22:30
Episodes: TBA



First Look: The ranks of sleepers are pretty thin this season, but there’s at least a faint air of something interesting about Masamune-kun no Revenge.  It’s the story of a boy who was bullied in grade school for being overweight who trims down, transforms himself into an ikemen, and comes to high school intent on getting retribution against the girl who led his tormentors. That’s a story that has potential, the manga isn’t poorly thought of, and Silver Link is more than capable of very good and innovative manga adaptations. A boom or bust proposition, I suspect.


Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari – Telecom Animation/Graphinica
Director: Kudou Masashi
Writer: Machida Touko
Schedule: TBD
Episodes: 12



First Look: Pretty much a flyer for me on this one, but I liked the concept art and the trailer looked pretty good. Chain Chronicle is an adaptation of a mobile game that’s all over the media map, with an ONA, movies and this TV entry. Plot looks pretty much boilerplate maidens and monsters fantasy RPG.


ēlDLIVE – Studio Pierrot
Director: Furata Takeshi
Writer: Takeuchi Toshimitsu
Schedule: TBD
Episodes: TBD



First Look: Another flyer, but without those I wouldn’t really even have a preview. This sci-fi is based on a manga by Reborn!‘s Amano Akira, and the premise has something of the look of those angsty teen sci-fi anime from the 90’s – a normal teen who’s always heard voices in his head lives a normal life, until one day a magical creature transports him to a “space police station”. There’s nothing special in the anime staff list and the manga isn’t all that well-reviewed, but Pierrot has put together some decent adaptations in the past few years and this one might just be watchable.


Fuuka – Diomedea
Director: Kusakawa Keizou
Writer: Akashiro Aoi
Schedule: Premieres Saturday, 01/07 – 22:00
Episodes: TBA



First Look: I feel as if I must be crazy to wade back into the world of “The Town Where You Rage” mangaka Seo Kouji, but it’s that kind of season.  Seo’s manga are full of characters who do incredibly annoying things all the time and plot twists which make you, well- rage.  But there aren’t that many true shounen romance dramas out there, Seo’s art is appealing, and he has a talent for sucking you into his story even as he makes you want to poke your own eyes out Oedipus-fashion.  I’ll watch Fuuka until I just can’t take it any longer, just like I did with Kimi no Iru Machi.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Deen
Director: Hatakeyama Mamoru
Writer: Kumagai Jun
Schedule: Premieres Friday, 01/06, 26:25
Episodes: 1 Cour



First Look: There’s not much to be excited about this Winter, but the second (and concluding) season of Rakugo Shinjuu is a big exception.  The first season was nothing short of brilliant – a subtle, complex and powerful character drama beautifully staged by one of the most underrated directors in the business.

There’s no reason to think we’re going to see any dropoff in quality with Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – the key staff is back and the material is all canon. With the watershed event that occurred near the close of the first season we’re presumably going to see a shift in focus this time to the “present” timeline, but I’m not worried – what we saw of that in the first cour was every bit as compelling as what took place in the past.  Rakugo isn’t a well-known subject to most of us in the West, but this series makes it fascinating – a character in its own right.  But make no mistake, it’s the human stories that make this series the stalwart that it is.


Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi – LandQ, TMS
Director: Muroi Fumie
Writer: TBD
Schedule: Premieres Monday, 01/09, 25:00
Episodes: TBD



First Look: This adaptation figures to be a short, but I’m just barely curious enough to include it in the preview.  It actually adapts the gag manga spinoff of Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem – why that was chosen rather than the parent manga itself I have no idea.  Shinsengumi stuff has the potential to be interesting and it’s not like there’s much else to watch next season, so what the hell.


Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation – TOHO
Director: Nabeshima OSamu
Writer: Sunayama Kurasumi
Schedule: Premieres Monday, 01/09, 25:35
Episodes: TBA



First Look: One Ikebukuro favorite is ending (for now) in Haikyuu, but Yowamushi Pedal is here to pick up the slack.  Yowapeda is not as polished as that volleyball series in Production I.G.’s hands, but I find it to be more emotionally involving.  While Haikyuu has mastered the difficult art of being slick while seeming innocent, I think that innocence is just who Yowapeda is.  Anyone who knows mangaka Watanabe Wataru knows he basically is Onoda Sakamichi.

One key difference between the two series is that while the third-years continue to push their way into the limelight with Haikyuu, Watanabe has gracefully slid them side-stage as we enter the third season.  I think that’s healthy – Yowapeda will see a fresh dynamic with a new makeup of the Sohoku Six, and the old-timers (especially Makishima) will still have their role to play.  Yowapeda took a very unusual step in having its heroes achieve their big goal on their first try – virtually unknown in sports shounen – so the rest of the way is sort of the undiscovered country.  It promises to be an interesting ride.


Onihei – M2/TMS
Director: Miya Shigeyuki
Writer: TBA
Schedule: Premieres Monday, 01/09, 26:05
Episodes: 13




First Look: In a season as lean as this one, Onihei definitely stands out despite the fact that I know next to nothing about the source material.  That would be the Onihei Hankachō, or Onihei crime novels by Ikenami Shoutarou (already adapted into a jidaigeki and manga, Onihei Hankachou).  The story surrounds a “samurai policeman” who recruits criminals to act as informants and becomes feared as the titular “Devil Heizou”.

The most compelling argument in Onihei‘s favor is probably that it was a vanity project by Maruyama Masao, who – having already left one studio he founded (Madhouse) to start another (MAPPA), has now left that studio to found M2 (many Madhouse/MAPPA staffers are on working on this series).  Maruyama is one of the giants in anime history and a true patron of creative ambition, and he seems to be hop-scotching around trying to maintain an environment where he can try and do what he wants with as little commercial pressure as possible.  Maruyama is an old man, and has been quoted as saying he believes he only has a few years left, so if he believes Onihei is a project worth spending his time on I’m inclined to give it every chance (while I wait longingly for Pluto or the completion of Kon Satoshi’s Yume Miru Kikai).


Hand Shakers – GoHands
Director: Suzuki Shingo
Writer: Kanazawa Hiromichi
Schedule: Premieres Tuesday, 01/10, 24:30
Episodes: TBA



First Look: Every season has at least a couple original sci-fi, seems like, and this one is no exception.  Hand Shakers is set in Osaka sometime in the future, and features esper pairings (always male-female apparently) who summon powerful weapons called “Nimrodes” (oh, dear) from their “deep” psyche.  There’s every chance this could be pretty dumb, but given that it’s from the studio that did K (and returns most of the key staff) it might just be dumb and pretty.


Kuzu no Honkai – Lerche
Director: Andou Masaomi
Writer: Uezu Makoto
Schedule: Premieres Thursday, 01/11, 24:55
Episodes: 11



First Look: Judging from their first two series of 2017, NoitaminA seems to be embracing this whole creative surrender thing enthusiastically.  Kuzu no Honkai is an adaptation of a not especially well-loved manga about a pair of high schoolers who pretend to be a couple, but are actually each in love with a teacher (not the same one).  That’s not the worst premise ever, I suppose, and it does have a decent staff.  Given how few seinen make it to anime these days, you can’t really let one go by without at least giving it the time of day.


ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Madhouse
Director: Natsume Shingo
Writer: Suzuki Tomohiro
Schedule: Premieres Tuesday, 01/10, 23:00
Episodes: TBA



First Look: Last but not remotely least is the one non-sequel on the Winter schedule that seems like a lock to be a keeper.  It has everything you would want – Madhouse putting together a stellar staff, a source material by Ono Natsume (Sarai-ya Goyou, Not Simple) that’s widely praised, an all-star cast.  In any season, ACCA would stand out as one of the top prospects.  In this season, it and Rakugo are the ultimate sore thumbs.

ACCA seems to be one of Ono-sensei’s more fanciful works.  It’s set in the Dowa Kingdom, where the 13 states are controlled by the powerful organization of the series’ title.  And the story, it seems, is something of a slice-of-life featuring the inspectors who work at the 13 divisions of the agency.  I don’t know the manga, but I know Ono’s work – and director Natsume Shingo is one of the steadiest hands in the business.  This show ought to be really good – and if it’s not, we’re seriously screwed.

Will Definitely Blog: Shouwa Genroku Raakugo Shinjuu, ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation, Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen.  Four may not sound like much, but that’s one-third of the shows I previewed.

Sleeper Candidates: Masamune-kun no Revenge – because I have to have at least one


OVA/Movie: Not much better here.

Whistle (ONA) – 12/17/2016: It’s not every day that an almost-twenty year-old manga that’s already had a TV anime gets an ONA, but so it is with Higuchi Daisuke’s soccer series Whistle.  I have no idea why this ONA exists but I’ve always heard good things about the manga, so I’m curious to give it a look.

Akatsuki no Yona – 12/20/2016: It’s the second and final volume of Yona‘s Zeno backstory arc, but the first one hasn’t even been subbed (well – you have to look really hard to find it). I haven’t watched either of them yet, to be honest, both because I know they’re likely to be the last of this wonderful series we see animated, and because having now read the manga chapters in question I know how emotionally heavy they are.  I will watch these OVAs and I will blog them, most likely after both are subbed.  But the most important thing I can say is “read the manga”, because it’s a masterpiece that just keeps getting better.


Theatrical: Just one entry here.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic – 01/21/2017: Every time A-1 Pictures have stayed with manga material they’ve hit paydirt with Kuroshitsuji, and there’s no reason to expect “Book of the Atlantic” to be any different.  This time around the story finds Ciel and Sebastian boarding a luxury liner to investigate rumors of the dead rising from their graves.  This is a pretty action-driven arc by Kuroshitsuji standards, and it should be quite well-suited to the big screen.




  1. y

    I think Rakugo, Yowapedal, and Ao no Exorcist is a good sequel line-up that would already beat Winter 2013. Winter 2013 is a hard season to beat for worst season imo.

    No excitement for Little Witch Academia? Or is it because of a change in staff?

  2. Three sequels. Good shows, likely, but still.

    I’m not going to get into the whole LWA thing, I decided. When I dared to express a dissenting opinion when the Anime Mirai came out (and it’s not like I hated it or anything – far from it) the attacks got very pissy and venomous. The people who like it can enjoy themselves, and the rest of us can watch other stuff.

  3. Pretty much identical list to my own with the addition of KonoSuba season 2 and of course more Gintama which is always a good thing in my book. Might be interesting to check out the new season of Rewrite as well if they plan to faithfully adapt Moon and Terra despite how underwhelming the first season was compared to the VN.

  4. I did think about it. Is it necessary for one to have finished the first season to follow the second?

  5. All you need to have seen are the first three episodes or so since Moon and Terra are pretty self contained, especially Terra, assuming they follow the VN this time around. Tanaka Romeo is always pretty spectacular as a writer and Terra is him at his best, really hope that comes through in the anime.

  6. Kono Subarashii will be a lot of fun for those of us that like fun series.

  7. C

    I didn’t realize how bleak the outlook was until I reached the end of the list. It’s not as awful as Winter 2013, but still… Onihei looks like it could be good, though it’s shocking to hear that Maruyama has moved again. What is with the studio hopping?

    Also, this next point isn’t relevant to the next season, but any thoughts on the announcement for the second season of Kekkai Sensen? (without Rie Matsumoto, apparently, although I can’t imagine the show without her)

  8. As I said, Maruyama seems to be all about trying to get his shit done with as little production committee involvement as possible. MAPPA got too mainstream, so he had to leave there too.

    As for Kekkai Sensen, I think they chose a pretty good director, so I have high hopes that it will be another winner. I’ll certainly miss Rie, but apparently she’s transitioning to theatrical features.

  9. D

    Chaos;Head wasn’t all that good, it was a kinda of crazy mess in the end. But after Steins;Gate and Robotics:Notes, I am kinda hoping that Chaos;Child takes notes from those shows. I was wondering if you had your eye on that as well?

  10. Probably one of the last 2-3 cuts from the post. But I have very little faith it’s going to be any good, TBH.

  11. T

    This season doesn’t really look that great. If manga monday is still a thing I hope you do Akatsuki no Yona. There is so much to talk about in that series i swear.

  12. I would be reluctant to cover that as a regular blog because the translated releases aren’t 100% consistent (as they were with H x H, on the rare occasions it was being published). That doesn’t bother me so much with a monthly, but for a bi-weekly series I’d like to do it on a consistent schedule if I do it.

    That said, the Yona manga is spectacular. Everyone should read that thing.

  13. H

    Considering that there are slim pickings this time around, the shows I do want to watch have me really, really excited. After having fallen in love with the first season of Shouwa Genroku from its first episode alone, I have been waiting quite impatiently for the second season to arrive. I just found out that the manga has been licensed by Kodansha USA with the first volume due out in May. I am beyond ecstatic since I adore Haruko Kumota’s work. I haven’t read this particular manga yet because I didn’t want to spoil the anime for myself, and am greatly looking forward to owning it in the future. Hopefully this will get someone to license the anime so I can own that too. I am also super excited for Onihei. I don’t know anything about the source material as well, but I like most anything set in this time period and am encouraged by the planning that has been put into making the show enjoyable for the audience. Next, ACCA is a no-brainer for me since I loved House of Five Leaves so, so much and the production value for this new show looks quite good. And lastly, this new season of Blue Exorcist has me very excited. While I really enjoyed the 2011 anime, they deviated quite a bit from the original story since the manga wasn’t too far along at that point. Now I’m excited to see all of that great material get an anime adaption. Hopefully they will get the opportunity to go beyond the Kyoto Arc. Personally, I am a big fan of Blue Exorcist, so any project involving it makes me happy. As long as these four shows live up to my expectations, this will be a great season for me. Usually I only end up following that number of shows anyways, so if none of the other ones premiering are any good then that will be fine by me.

  14. I know part of it is like-minded viewers hanging out at LiA, but it seems like there’s much more unanimity this season about what the few good prospects are than usual. A bad schedule with a few very good shows, and not much disagreement about what they are.

  15. T

    I really want a second of season of Akatsuki no Yona but I guess I will take what I get.

  16. Y

    I’m very happy you’re enjoying the Yona manga. I dropped it about a year ago after I caught up with it so that I’d have more chapters to read when I picked it up again, but I’ve yet to do so. How far along are you? And do you know how long it’ll be/if we’re nearing the end of the story? Or at least the middle? Not that I want it to end prematurely or anything, just curious xD

  17. I’m about 15 chapters behind (like you, I don’t want to catch up and have nothing to read). I’m in no position to say whether we’re getting close to the end, but to me it sure doesn’t feel that way. This is an epic story, very complex, and I get the feeling Kusanagi has the whole thing carefully plotted out. She could end it next week for all I know, but my sense is we have a long way to go. I hope so – I think it’s actually getting even better.

  18. s

    “It’s the second and final volume of Yona‘s Zeno backstory arc, but the second one hasn’t even been subbed (well – you have to look really hard to find it). I haven’t watched either of them yet, to be honest, […]
    Probably I misunderstood you here: if the second one is sheduled on december 20th logically it hasn’t been subbed yet…Or you call the first part of Zeno Arc the second one since the oad is the first ‘extra’ content…
    I am looking foward to Sukeroku Futatabi-hen: this story deserves a conclusion!

  19. Yeah, meant to type the first one – slip of the fingers (damn things, always doing what the brain tells them to).

  20. F

    Have you seen/read much of Urasawa’s stuff outside Pluto? 20th Century boys needs anime too.

  21. I would make no objections if that happened, for sure. But Pluto and the Kon film are what I really want to see first, since Maruyama’s clock is ticking.

  22. Urasawa/Maruyama collaborations are a thing of beauty, so check em out while your clocks still ticking!

  23. Y

    Can’t believe it’s already that time of the year again. Like almost everyone else here, I’m mostly excited for ACCA, Rakugo, and Ao no Exorcist. Kyoto-hen of AnE is really action-heavy and even more shounen than the first season, so I was surprised they decided to end the first adaptation with an original ending. I really hope Sawano Hiroyuki brings us another stellar OST like he did for the first adaptation, the recent stuff he’s been churning out all sound somewhat recycled (I don’t blame him though, considering the number of OSTs he’s done these last few seasons).

  24. F

    Well, no point in an euphemistic approach, this winters season does seem bleak. Though if I can hear Ishida Akira doing Rakugo performances again, I’ll be more than glad. Maybe I should catch up on Ao no Exorcist, since I missed it when it first aired to follow this second season on a weekly basis.

  25. T

    Happy to hear you’ve been reading Yona. It’s my favorite manga of all time, so I’m happy to know you’re enjoying it too. I know watching these OVA episodes will be hard for me too. ^_^

  26. I can’t really disagrre with you about the upcoming season / however I have been watching anime since the late 1980’s and a lot were mindless shows too!

    So we have retorgraded back why IDK some of your reasons sound very valid

    However I still watch those mindlessanime even in good seasons as at least for myself I always liked gag comedy ! I grew up up on the 3 Stooges / Soupy Sales etc. Was only a fan of Mad magazine / National Lampoon too

    One thing which you said The anime industry overextended itself and is regrouping.

    MY biggest RANT why dont they finish off the anime that were popular and need more cour ( s ) and or closure . A Certain Magical Index comes to mind . Silver Spoon Just to name a couple

    Some of the mangas arent finished like Yona of The Dawn / Snow White with Red Hair.

    Highschool of the Dead ( come on author )

    Some of my requests Mayo Chiki! / The Devil is A Part Timer / The World Is Still Beautiful / Barakamon / Yozakura Quartet / Baby Steps ( Just a few )

    Even yourself must want more cours of certain anime

  27. e

    Hmmm… basically I am anticipating just Rakugo s2 and I am curious about ACCA 13, then Yona’s Zeno part II and the Kuroshitsuji movie. That’s it.
    As much as I dearly like my hime hime kira kirarin boy Onoda and a few of the other characters I ended up fast forwarding through most of Yowapeda s2 in order to just enjoy the movie. Honestly I am not looking forward to another full season of it unless the review are stellar :,D.

  28. Y

    Im surprised you’re not watching Gintama since its really similar or better than alot of shows that you like. You could always use this season to catch up since you apparently dont have much to watch. Thats what I did last season and it was the best decision I made in a long time.

  29. Gintama is an odd one. I just don’t get that show somehow. I mean, I get why people think it’s funny but to me, it’s just not that funny. It’s like Jojo – I get why people think it’s all that but to me, it’s just OK. Sometimes a show just misses with us for whatever reason.

  30. Y

    How far did you watch? I think most people agree that the show doesnt get really good until around ep 25 which might sound alot but you get 300 episodes after that and most of them are great. I actually was intimidated from this show for over a year but once I finally decided to sit down and properly watch it I ended bingeing the whole show in a month.

  31. I couldn’t tell you – it’s been a long time. Probably not 25 episodes but you know, if a show needs more than 25 episodes to capture my interest, maybe we’re just not a good match?

  32. Y

    As I said most people agree that the first 24 eps arent that great so its not just you and I agree that 24 but you’re getting around 300 episodes after that so Id say its worth your time. Would you say its ok for someone to drop HxH and miss out on the later arcs just because they thought the Hunter exam was somewhat generic?

  33. I’d say there was something wrong with them if they finished it and thought the Hunter Exam was generic!

  34. I’m there with Enzo in being put off by Gintama’s very slow burn and its rather old-looking art at the beginning. I watched some random episodes later on though (for example the Bleach parody one) and found it pretty hilarious. I assume I could just skip some of it and go right to the part where it gets better? I usually wouldn’t do that but this show looks more about the comedy skits than anything else.

  35. Y

    While I do think the arc is good its defenitely more standard shounen compared to Yorknew and Chimera ant but I think you get my point! Anyway the only reason I recommended Gintama to you is because its style of comedy is really similar to shows you like ( its especially similar to Osomatsu-san right to how dirty it can get), but in the end its your choice and you can watch whatever you want.

  36. While I take some issue with the “you have to watch more than 25 episodes for it to get good” argument just on principle, I get your point. Like everything else it’s really just a question of time… Who knows – if 2017 is as bad as it looks anything’s possible.

  37. “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” is supposed to be out in 2017, but will probably be considered a Summer/Fall release.

    Official trailer –

    Not your cup of meat, I guess, but I like Demi-chan wa Kataritai. The girls are cute (but not bad cute), but the best thing is the female teacher (a succubus) who has a crush on the male lead and dresses waaay down to avoid him being attracted by her power rather her personality.

  38. B

    Being a big fan of Ono Natsume, I’ll be watching ACCA. The other ones I’ve locked on are Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu season 2, Ao no Exorcist season 2 and Onihei.

    I’m guessing you aren’t interested in Genocidal Organ (out in February)?

  39. Saying Kuzu no Honkai is “not especially well-loved” is kind of an understatement. I can see this becoming the biggest “Hate-Watch of the Year” Candidate. It honestly reminded me of how I felt watching Golden Time.

  40. R

    I still think that Winter 2013 was by far the worst — there was nothing that I could pick from or finish — but the very strong carry-overs and sequels, including Shin Sekai Yori and Chihayafuru, kept me alive. For next season, there are not as many sequels to look forward to, except for Rakugo (could easily be the best of the season) and Gintama (yes, need to include something that is silly enough to crack me up). As for new shows, as slim pickings as it is, I’m planning to check out ACCA, for sure. And if I dial up my curiosity, I can take a look at Masamune-kun no Revenge, Onihei and Kuzu no Honkai.

    Enzo, I’m curious. With such a quiet season, do you feel like covering non-anime/manga topics for a season? Sports, wines, music or life in general? Or will you use the time to produce more videos or shift to cover more manga?

  41. Well now, there’s an interesting question.

    It night be a bad season to either go to the bucket list or do a rewatch. I would definitely like to get the YouTube channel cranked up again, but there are a lot of moving parts there. I’d like to cover the new RK manga when it cranks up, but that’s not till April and it’s a monthly.

    As to other stuff… Yeah, I love sports and I could write about it. I’m currently in a passionate bourbon phase, and doing reviews would be fun. But I’m not sure I’m keen on trying to build a whole new audience from scratch.

  42. R

    Bourbon! Hmmm….that would be fun. Well, I guess I will just wait for a few more weeks to see how things unfold. For whatever you choose to add to your arsenal or simply stay put, I will stick around.

  43. e

    since i been fan of the nostalgic ova of little witch academy and i will watch konosuba

  44. The strange thing is that despite Winter being usually a lean season it consistently contains some of the best anime of the year. We had Death Parade in 2015 and Rakugo/Erased in 2016. This season seems likely to continue the trend with ACCA and Rakugo again, so its actually pretty nice that theres a silver lining here.

  45. Yeah, it’s true. In recent years at least Winter tends to be overall weak but with one or two really elite shows that end up in the Top 5 at the end of the year.

  46. WOW after seeing the 1st episode of Hand Shakers I can’t get over how bad this series is on so many levels. How the hell this thing ever got to air is beyond me.

  47. I’m shocked at how good Little Witch Academia is. A fun show with good characters and decent animation.

  48. A

    Solid choices, I am personally waiting for Ao no Exorcist – I liked very much earlier season. I am not sure about Chiruran but we will see I guess.

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