1. Have fun on your trip! I’m going to be anxiously waiting for those Sangatsu second impressions…

  2. You may be waiting a long time on that one…

  3. J

    I was going to say just that – the trip provides a convenient reason to delay the Sangatsu second episode review…

    Have fun/productivity/health/safety/whatever else.

  4. e

    Relax and recharge, Enzo. *insert blessing Jizo here*

  5. R

    Have fun! I remember all your recent trips was always showing friends and family around and stuff so go have a nice vacation for yourself. Take pictures! Hopefully post them!

  6. J

    Wish you lots of fun on your travels and i hope you make a travel report with photos again. Thanks to your other travel reports my bf and me visited Mount Kurama, the Phoenix temple in Uji and Meigetsu-in temple in Kamakura this year and everything was really beautiful. 🙂 And those places were not so crowded with tourists which was also a big plus for us.

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