Otoyomegatari – 58

“Wagon Wheels”

There were no wheels reinvented in this chapter of Otoyomegatari (though axles are another matter).  It’s Mori-sensei staying very much in her comfort zone of late, focusing entirely on Pariya and Umar as they make their way back from their supposedly routine errand.  In this time and place things didn’t always go according to plan, of course, as Mori has taken pains to remind us over the course of 58 chapters.

Is Otoyomegatari in danger of spinning its wheels a bit with this storyline?  Perhaps, since the die has been pretty much cast with these two for quite some time and we’re really not learning anything new about either of them.  Don’t get me wrong – this kind of running in place is no more pleasant anywhere than it is with Otoyomegatari, because it’s always so beautiful to look at and few authors can write everyday life with as much wit and familiar warmth as Mori can.  But at this point I think it’s just about time for these two to either get married (which based on the last chapter we know is unlikely to happen for some time) or take a little break from the narrative.

What we do know, because Mori-sensei keeps reminding us, is that Pariya and Umar are a good match.  He’s steady and solid, and finds her barely-contained explosiveness attractive.  When Pariya reminds Umar she’s “tough” he’s not threatened by that, and he laughs at her dumb but harmless attempts at humor.  I do think it’s silly that embarrassment was enough to get the two of them to walk all the way home rather than ride the horse (they did just kiss, after all), but I guess allowances must be made for both their ages and their upbringing.



  1. H

    I’ve been quite happy that the focus has continued to remain on Pariya and Umar simply because they are such a great match and I like watching the two of them fall in love. I enjoy them almost as much as the main couple actually. Rather than “spinning wheels”, I felt that this chapter went far in further developing both the relationship between the pair and also Pariya’s character. Since she is so scared of messing things up, showing scenes like these is incredibly important in evolving her into someone who can accept her own flaws and realize that there is someone out there who truly appreciates those aspects of her personality. I’m curious to see what kind of woman she becomes when she gains confidence.

  2. e

    Enzo Enzo… it’s all about enjoying the little detours :p . Plus those grapes as per chapter cover are ripening.
    We know they make a good match. But this chapter cemented the fact for both of them 😉 . And honestly with all those sneaky glances and the dumb pun it was a fun ride to achieve Couple Complicity Upgrade.
    I suspect them riding a horse together would have been considered rather scandalous btw. Sure they were going to get scolded either way for spending the night out and away but eh we got to see Umar laughing and fanboying openly at and with her. Priceless 8D.

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