Kyoukai no Rinne – 44

Kyoukai no Rinne - 44 -1One of the upsides of so much bad stuff happening so often to the good guys at the heart of Kyoukai no Rinne is that whenever a drop of fortune passes their way, it feels like cause for celebration.  And when it comes to good guys, series protagonists don’t get much good-er than Rinne and Rokumon – not only are they the two nicest guys in the room but they’re actually quite smart and hard-working too (plus, Rokumon is ridiculously kawaii).  That’s what makes Rumiko-sensei’s sadistic take on them all the more galling (though given that it makes Kyoukai no Rinne what it is, it’s a necessary evil).

Kyoukai no Rinne - 44 -3So, given all that, what in truth is an altogether ridiculous exercise played for farce in the Kuroneko exam actually takes on a sort of drama and suspense (Rumiko’s magic touch).  Rokumon is really in his element here, using the lessons of his frugal seikatsu and his natural resourcefulness and grit to try and overcome his natural disadvantages and get himself certified as a 1-dan black cat.  The first step is surviving Kurosu 6-dan’s key test, which Rokumon tries to do by getting the kuroneko to team up (which is, it must be said, like herding cats).  This leads to Kurosu rather hilariously throwing Shouma under the bus (this cat hates his job), but Rokumon’s plan does eventually work – though unfortunately he hasn’t foreseen the flaw in it, which is that he’s effectively sacrificing himself for the others.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 44 -4It’s by sheer chance that Oboro wins this one, and (though we don’t know it yet) that means he and Suzu are already certified.  The final round is a doozy, a melee (in the “Kuronekodome“) where the kuroneko must buy weapons (or snacks, in Suzu’s case) with coupons earned by their prior results in order to defeat each other in the ring (or knock each other out of it).  Not only does this naturally disadvantage the diminutive Rokumon, but the coupons are rather cruelly held over for the Shinigami if unused – which makes poor Rokumon rather conflicted about his 5000 Yen worth of script.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 44 -5This battle royale is pretty silly stuff, with cats chasing clockwork mice out of the ring and Suzu (overstuffed with takoyaki and yakisoba) disqualifying herself to take a nap. Best of all are the megane-sporting brainiac cats – the leader is promptly (literally) booted out of the ring by Oboro, and the others fall prey to Rokumon’s true-or-false- reidou trap.  Ultimately it comes down to Rinne-kun urging Rokumon not to worry about his scythe – just use his last 1000 Yen to buy some weapons and survive somehow.  You know that hurt because Rinne was crying blood, but that you can add loyalty and selflessness to his (and Rokumon’s) list of good points has never been in doubt.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 44 -6With that, we get our happy ending – not only does Rokumon-chan get his certification, but the MVC (most valuable cat) as well (and Oboro and Suzu are of course passed, too).  I’m sure Rinne would have preferred a pile of cash or at least another scythe-repair coupon to a slip of paper and a maneki-neko piggybank trophy, but hey – those future discounts will eventually pay dividends, and there’s at least going to be Mamiya Sakura’s red bean rice to celebrate (rice!).  All in all it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (and his cat).



  1. The thing that killed me was how Kain was proud of Suzu getting the wrong answer when Rokumon fooled the “smart” Black Cats. He complains a lot, but he surely likes his silly cat.

    Rokumon is definitely the ultimate mascot character. It has all the cuteness of Shippou and none of its annoying traits. Rumiko is really a genius at this stuff.

  2. m

    And I love the ironic results of the Black Cat tests. Suzu, the most ADHD cat, wins the Concentration round. Oboro, who can’t cooperate with Ageha to save his life, wins the Cooperation round. Ultimately, Rokumon, the most frugal cat, spends all his money with Rinne’s blessing to win the Combat round.

    I’ve looked forward to every Sunday for Kyoukai no Rinne; it’s going to be such a shame when it ends.

  3. Z

    Oh, those smiles in the picture you chose as the main one for this post! By comparison to most of the others, this was a very feel-good episode.

    On a side note, now that I have “seen” how much Oboro’s silhouette looks like Hisoka’s, I can not unsee it.

  4. I will soon miss this brilliant comedy cut in the mold like the 3 Stooges and that is a good thing ! Oh they let loose with the coupons and tools!

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