Kyoukai no Rinne – 43

Still traveling, so this is going to be a bit of a brief one – sorry, Rinne fans (all three of you).  What we have here is another Kuroneko episode, and those are always welcome.  Not only that, but it’s a two-parter that seems to have inspired a lot of the ED (at least thematically).

A black cat ranking test makes sense – we already knew there were -dan levels, so there had to be some sort of system behind them.  And that system is a 500 Yen exam, which Rinne is only too glad to fork over once he learns that ranked cats get  discount on shinigami tools (having already learned a painful lesson about their necessity).  Rokumon-chan figures to be pretty good at this sort of thing – he is, as Rinne says, more mature than he looks.

All the gang reunites for the test – Suzu and Obero foremost – and the usual obstacles are thrown in the way (cat toys for distractions and the like).  For Rinne the best part may just be the free tea in the cafeteria, though Ageha does try to help out with a bento (Obero made the good parts – she managed the extra-crunchy “omelette” that’s the only thing Suzu leaved behind).  Suzu in fact steals most of the big laughs in addition to the lunch.

Looks like Kurosu 6th-dan is the final boss for this particular test, which Rokumon has gamed before the rest of his competition.  I know the tradition is for Rinne and Rokumon to end up in the gutter, but it would be nice to see Rokumon’s earnest dedication rewarded for once – and this seems to be the perfect opportunity.



  1. T

    Might as well let you know my whole family has watched and loved this show since it first started airing, so feel free to add an extra seven to your pre-established three fans. ^_^

  2. b

    Wait, there’s only three of us watching this now? In your episode 29 post, you said there were seven of us. WHO HAS ABANDONED US? WE MUST FIND THEM AND USHER THEM BACK TO THE FLOCK!

    (I kid, I kid. But have you noticed more people comment whenever you point out nobody watches this show? That’s a social psych experiment waiting to happen, right there.)

  3. I’ve been watching too. Rinne is one of my favorite shows!

  4. Z

    I’ve always loved that Rokumon pats his own head at the end of the ED, even though of three Rinne is the most likely to praise/reward his Kuroneko.

    The “eggshells in the eggs gives you extra calcium” comment was also a spot on heart tugging Kyoukai no Rinne moment.

  5. OK, I give. All ten of you!

  6. M

    Ye of little faith.

  7. Eleven one reporting in.

  8. J

    12 Reporting xD In all honesty, Rokumon is truly the best cat, although I can’t help but finding Suzu endearing with obliviousness.

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