Cheer Danshi!! – 06

This is more of an update for Cheer Danshi than a real post, but it’s been a couple of weeks so I did want to touch base.  As you may know we got a recap episode last week (never a good sign for a production, especially that early).  There was indeed a veritable flood of new members this time, and the episode addressed this somewhat oddly by starting after they’d already joined, at least informally.  It’s too early to make much of a judgment about most of these guys because there are so many of them, but there are a couple that seem pretty cliched at least so far.  We also got a new coach (who’s appointed herself to the role) who makes Sho rather uncomfortable because she knows about his past.  So all in all, the whole concept of  cheerleading feels like it got a lot more businesslike for Breakers.

To be honest, the bubble show I’d probably have been best off sticking with for the last couple of weeks was actually D.Gray-man Hallow, because Episodes 6 and 7 were easily the best of the cour.  But you know, given that they were flashbacks and way better than anything we’ve seen in the current timeline, I’m not wholly convinced that’s a good thing for the long haul.  If the series stays at that quality level I may just do a few more posts on it.



  1. That Chinese(?) guy is pretty racist.

  2. The new batch of members has a lot of tropism to it. I think part of it is a natural function of blasting so many new characters at once that there’s no way they’ll get any real development.

  3. That’s true, I really prefer the earlier episodes where not so many people were talking. Now it feels like each person is spouting his one liner gag just to get into the conversation.

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