Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! – 05

Binan Koukou 2 - 05-1We’ve pretty much graduated from subtext to flat-out “text” on Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! at this point.  It was probably a mistake to watch this episode on the train, even setting aside whatever anyone who might have caught a glimpse of my laptop would have thought.  The poorly-suppressed guffaws emanating from the guy wth the earbuds probably gave a few commuters pause this morning.

Binan Koukou 2 - 05-2Even for a series that flaunts its guest stars pretty openly, pairing off Koyama Rikiya against Namikawa Daisuke is a pretty big coup.  Koyama-san plays Munakata Shigoki, the captain of the volleyball club and more more importantly, a guy with serious problems.  He can’t stop talking about his balls (seriously – he loves talking about his balls), he’s just chased away the only other member of the club, and he’s twenty-six years old and still in high school because he won’t graduate until he’s competed in a tournament.  Finding someone to receive his balls is the least of this dude’s problems.

Binan Koukou 2 - 05-3Originally that someone was Oka Shuzo (Namikawa), but after he proves himself incapable of dealing wth the sheer power of Munakata’s balls, the captain kicks him out of the club (and his life).  By a freak chance he sees Yumoto make a great dig on the ball he’s just spiked through the window of the gym in anger, and the next day he holds Yumoto’s bladder hostage unless he agrees to join the club and bring four (how convenient) members with him.  The best part of this sequence is that the Earth Defense Club is talking about volleyball (how to spell it, what the Japanese name “Haikyu” means) in the bath later – before Yumoto brings up the fact that he’s volunteered everyone to join the Volleyball Club.

Binan Koukou 2 - 05-4First of all, I didn’t know the word “Haikyuu” was Japanese for volleyball (well, duh I guess), but I don’t think that part about the “Hai” being the same Kanji as “excrement” is true (for starters I don’t think you even write the word in Kanji).  But that’s the least silly thing that happens in the remainder of this extremely silly episode.  One of my favorite elements is Dadacha suddenly revealing himself to be the nurturing mother type, whipping up all kinds of tasty hotpots to soothe his angsty boys.  And he does it all while wearing frilly kitchen aprons and such – how cute was that?  All of a sudden Ao has a new rival, and this one wants to take over the world.

Binan Koukou 2 - 05-5At this point Shuzo-kun enters the picture, and Namikawa really takes the limiters off.  VEPPer ends up turning him into “Boba-yan“, a black volleyball monster who wants desperately to be polished so he’ll shine.  The one he really wants to shine him is Munakata of course, and Shuzo makes a pretty easy mark for Yumoto & company’s love attack.  It’s no great mystery how this will end up, but the sheer lunacy Koyama and Namikawa bring to the table makes it all a major blast.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Binan Koukou is crazier than ever this season, and it’s definitely a better show because of it.



  1. y

    I feel obliged to comment this post because I watched this episode while commuting on train, too. I hope nobody saw what I watched ^^; but I believe some saw me giggling weirdly. This episode is full of really funny stuffs!
    I also agree that this season is somehow crazier than the first, while the first season is actually crazy.

  2. e

    Well the episode was a blast of course. And if you have ever been exposed to vintage CrapBall animanga even more so ;D . I had tears down my face I tell ya. And the whole idolizing of youth and tournament cranked to extreme… by a volleyballing old-school-shoujofied Rambo… :,>
    That said Dadacha-Sazae-san’s hotpot skills almost won me over to the dark side. Almost. They could ditch the whole motw plan and aim straight for the gut :Q___ .
    – In spite of their fabulous mascot’s care the twins are still hunkering for a slice of our fav Solitary Axe Aniki. Wonder how that will play out. Another sento ending would be likely but what seson upgrade? VEPP naked nabe sento theatre? Will Gouran join in? Will there be hair? Oh the suspense.
    P.S.: ‘First of all, I didn’t know the word “Haikyuu” was Japanese for volleyball (well, duh I guess)’ LOL .

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