Notaku: Take II

No one ever said this was going to be easy…

So, we’ve moved to a new address.  Why?  Well, details are in the video below.  But in brief, Japanese companies are insane and Youtube hates free speech even when it comes to public domain material.  I hope you’ll follow us to the new channel and subscribe (we’re doing a little giveaway to thank the “original 136”), and if you like the videos well – like the videos.  New contact is on the way, production values are improving, and we’re not beat yet!  See you at Notaku 2.



  1. Good. Already subscribed. ^^

  2. Y

    So… What happened? The video doesn’t really explain much.

  3. Got a copyright strike from a Japanese megacorporation over some video that should not have had a copyright strike against it. That effectively cripples your YT account for six months. Also a bunch of miscellaneous fair use claims and such over freely distributed PVs and the like. Very frustrating.

  4. I’ve heard Youtube copyright problems being brought up many times before, its just crazy to me how your videos can get taken down while so many anime review channels stay up despite posting clips from recent episodes.

  5. You gotta follow the money. These companies are militant about protecting their intellectual property as they see it as lost dollars (or Yen).

  6. M

    Fair use counts for shit these days.

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