Hunter X Hunter – Hisoka vs. Chrollo Poll

Congrats to those 39 of you (just 19.5%) that said “Both will survive, but Chrollo will win” – it’s a judgment call, but I think that answer comes the closest to what actually happened.

My cash is still on Hisoka in the end, though – never bet against a pissed-off pedo-clown-magician…



  1. h

    that match was so in favour of chrollo
    plus there are still some unanswered questions ,like how was chrollo able to make all of those puppets ?

    I’d say in a more fair fight,Hisoka would have won

  2. H

    My bet is that Hisoka will end up by being killed by one of the phantom troupe or the boss. Simply because I think it is in the nature of a character like Hisoka to end up dying in a fight, and it is for me the only way to do justice to the character before the end of the manga.
    Also this time his war is just way too reckless, it would be unrealistic that Hisoka just end up killing all the phantom troupe plus the boss just like that.
    I think that because of Hisoka charisma some peoples overestimate him he is a good fighter off course one of the top of the story. But I would put him around the same level as Illumi and the stronger of the troop, when the boss would be around the level of the grand father and father Zoldyck I guess. (Considering what the grand father say himself during the Yorknew Arc)
    Last but not least killing the Boss would be walking on the whole purpose of Kurapika as a character.

  3. I feel like there’s no possible way Hisoka gets killed by anyone in Phantom Troupe until he fights Gon again. That said, I feel like Hisoka might actually have to kill someone pretty significant (Ging – that would be a marvelous battle, or Kurapika) to incite enough rage for Gon to actually take on Hisoka with killing intent. I also doubt Togashi would give Gon the power-up he got against Neferpitou again, simply because he won’t use Alluka for something like that ever again.

  4. J

    I really don’t think Gon vs Hisoka is something that has to happen, at all. Like it’d be cool to see, I guess, but it seems way too obvious for Togashi to actually do – guy’s never really been about providing the obvious payoffs. I expect Hisoka to die before it happens, but probably not to the Troupe.

    Also, Hisoka killing Ging? He’s strong, but he wouldn’t stand a chance.

  5. HA! I voted on both surviving and Chrollo winning, because that conclusion is the closest that fit Togashi’s style. Battle in HxH often favours the side that is better prepared, and that’s how Gon and co. won against Genthru, and the Hunters Association against the Chimera Ant (though luck favoured them greatly as well). So no matter how popular Hisoka was in the fandom, Chrollo was crazy prepared and Hisoka had to fight on Chrollo’s terms (I don’t think fighting in the Heaven Arena was Hisoka’s idea). I only guessed that they’d both survive, because they still have so much they can add to the arc, and I don’t see Togashi-sensei as killing off characters if they can still add more spice to the story.

    Shalnark tho :`( I guess he served his purpose.

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