Sakamoto desu ga? – 07

Sakamoto desu ga - 07 -1Compared to the most of the other comedy-forward series this season, Sakamoto desu ga? is more of a “pure” comedy, even if there are the occasional semi-serious moments (like the one at the end of this episode).  That means it has less margin for error – if it’s not really funny in any given week it’s not going to leave much of an impression.  Fortunately it generally is – and sometimes reaches the threshold of genuine hilariousness.  This episode adapted one of my favorite manga chapters (the porn caper) and generally stands as possibly the most complete Sakamoto ep so far, IMO.  It has a little of everything that makes this series such a good comedy.

  • Ah, that porn story.  Has any guy not lived that experience of trying to furtively sneak into the 18+ area?  The level of embarrassment in this ep is in no way exaggerated.
  • That dreaded moment when the boss comes to process the transaction…  But even bosses are no match for Swagamoto, who’s so coolest that he makes a pen-drawn Rolex appear real.
  • That reaction when he said “1 day rental”.  “Is he extra frustrated because he’s a high-schooler?”
  • Then the sports meet story.  Sena’s way of calling out his fellow Zaku is perfect – “Don’t any of you have a stamen?”
  • The Class 1-3 flag.
  • When I read the manga and saw Sakamoto-kun start to do his manouver on the bread, my immediate thought was “Crocodile death spin!
  • Kakuta-sensei: “Get back or I’ll shoot!”
  • Granny’s “I want you, Sakamoto” banner.
  • That cheetah chase – poor old Sensei just can’t take any more of these flashbacks.

Sakamoto desu ga - 07 -2I especially like the way this episode ended, which actually had a sort of graceful quality to it.  Sena’s little machinations were of course unable to trip up Sakamoto (well – momentarily, maybe) but they claimed an unintended victim in Yagi-chan.  Sakamoto appealing to Sena’s sense of honor and Sena responding by debasing himself (which to be fair does come naturally to him) in order to spare her the worst of the moment was genuinely sweet in its absurdist way.  Sena is the ultimate buttmonkey really, to the point where I sometimes feel the humor at his expense (when it comes to weight, especially) is a bit mean-spirited.  So it’s nice to see him get a moment of coolness – even if the irony in how he achieves it is inescapable.


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