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I’m kind of in a quandary about whether to blog Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou.  I like it a whole lot but not only is it a short, but a comedic one that doesn’t demand a whole lot of analysis.  This would be a perfect candidate to do digest posts for, but there’s really no series to pair it with.  It is indeed a dilemma.

Still – how can you not love a show that casts Fujiwara Keiji as a tonkatsu-loving DJ named “Oiri (Oily)”?  He’s apparently a fast mixer, which means quick cuts between many different tracks.  There are also long mix DJs, like the disgustingly popular and successful Yoshiki-san (he’s the CEO of his own app development company as his day job).  Meanwhile Oily is so malnourished that he gets fired for drinking the oil straight from the fryer in the konbini he’s working at.

A fry-loving DJ and an aspiring tonkatsu DJ seem like a perfect match, and it also seems that the fast mix style is what speaks to Agetarou’s soul more.  Fujiwara is one of what’s going to be a long chain of big name seiyuu playing supporting roles in Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou (when Akitarou Daichi calls, you pick up the phone).  I actually kind of enjoy that I’m learning about an art form I know very little about, but the main draw for me here is how successful this show is as entertainment.  I’ll certainly keep watching, but as for blogging we’ll just have to wait and see.




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    I see your point but I do wish you’d continue covering the show, even in single digest form. If anything as extra chance to grab the attention of new potential watchers in weeks to come…
    – Oil straight from the shop fryer? Yikes the man has a death wish :,D.
    – Soooo… when a guy is popular with girls he gets hated by other guys? Envy and pettiness can be equally found among the sexes it seems :p. Tonkatsu DJ: a beacon of light in anime sexism seas…
    – Goung by my very limited clubbing experience long cuts can get tedious when you don’t like the song(s) in the mix, but a whole night of short cuts would probably drive me batty. Don’t hate me too Agetarou-san X,D .

  2. Nijiiro Days comes out at around the same time… Although Keiichi is starting o get really disturbing right now.

  3. I’m still following it, but I’m not sure I’m into it enough to blog it. I like that it’s edgy, but man – a couple characters on that show are really skeevy.

  4. I had decided to read the manga when it premiered and man (!) some of those characters got skeevy real quick, I was wondering if it was the same manga. With that it mind I dropped it before I could even see it animated.

    As for Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou >> AoTS, nuff said…

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    You should stick this review on the end of your GoT posts just for shits and gigs

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