Spring 2016 Reader Poll Results

Just for fun I thought I’d wait a couple of weeks before doing a post on the poll results this time, to see how we all did.

This isn’t in place of a check-in post – that’s coming – but in general I don’t see a lot of surprises in the poll results.  If there’s any show that’s fallen short of my expectations so far it would be Bungou Stray Dogs (which narrowly won the poll), though I’m still hopeful. If anything in the voting itself surprised me it was that Sousei no Onmyouji didn’t place higher – and in fact, it seems to be turning out pretty well.




  1. I’m surprised that Concrete Revolutio made the top ten, I didn’t think it was a popular show.

  2. I think the enthusiasm is higher than the sheer number of fans, which helps in a poll like that. Judging by the view counts and comments, it’s not all that popular.

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