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Ah, the joy of a good comedy – there’s just nothing like it…

Kyoukai no Rinne - 28 -1It occurs to me in looking over this season’s posts that I’m covering quite a few shows that not a lot of folks are watching – stuff like Concrete Revolutio and especially Kyoukai no Rinne.  That’s fine of course – I figured out a long time ago that the only hope to avoid burnout was to write essentially for myself and whoever came along for the ride, great.  Once in a while a show like that has seemed to gather some momentum and a following at least on this site – Ginga e Kickoff comes to mind – though that hasn’t happened with Rinne.  C’est la vie – those of us following it know what the rest of you are missing.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 28 -2Obviously the main draw with this series is the humor.  Not only is it very funny but it’s very funny in a way no other anime I remember has quite been funny, the product of Rumiko’s supreme confidence in writing in the way she feels like writing.  But what really struck me this week is how pissed off I got watching this episode – I mean, almost Diamond no Ace levels of rage at what was happening on-screen.  That can only happen if you care about the characters, and I do – Rinne is such a stand-up guy, and Karma is so repetitively unkind to him.  And Rokumon is so earnest (and cute)…

Kyoukai no Rinne - 28 -3Also very cute is Suzu (Mimori Suzuko), who’s our old friend (not) Kain’s kuroneko contractor.  Obviously I don’t love every show she’s in to say the least, but Mimori can be fantastic in the right role (like Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita) and she is here – very funny indeed.  She plays into the story because the Shinigami management office seems to have lost Rinne’s ¥500 membership fee (those 10% discounts are vital) which Rokumon swears up and down he delivered to the office.  It’s Suzu who delivers the overdue notice to Rinne, but she ends up playing a much larger role in the ensuing mystery.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 28 -4The comedy is in play here, as always – like the “hot young shinigami” on the magazine cover of the “Deathmen” Rokumon was browsing, and the battle of cat toys over Suzu’s attentions at the clerk’s counter where Kain works.  But damn, what really stands out is what a DB Kain is.  He has reason to be mad at Rinne’s dad, who’s bilking (present tense) Kain’s mom out of all her money.  But even if you get past the fact that none of that is Rinne’s fault (which I almost believed Kain had), come on Man – when the jig is up, just face the facts and do the right thing!  It’s one thing to hold an unjust grudge but it’s another to be an outright dishonest hack.  There’s a lot of talk about pride and integrity in the confrontation between the young Shinigami, but Kain shows about zero of either.

Kyoukai no Rinne - 28 -5What I loved here is how much faith Rinne shows in Rokumon (who is impeccably loyal), and how it was Rokumon who was most incensed at Kain’s shenanigans at the end, demanding an apology that never comes – he was the one who was most injured by all this, after all.  Fortunately this was one of those rare Kyoukai no Rinne episodes where Rinne-kun gets the last laugh – he successfully bluffs Kain into believing he’s got the goods on his malfeasance with a hidden recorder (actually a keychain he got for nothing at the recycle shop), and winds up with ¥5,000 worth of afterlife coupons as hush money.  There’s no smile quite so pure as Rinne’s when he’s staring at a sheet of richly-deserved savings.




  1. Kyokai no Rinne is always really great, but the satisfaction you gain from witnessing the few victories that Rinne can archive is one of those things that make this show so damn good.

  2. H

    I’ve been following this site for a good year and a half now (or more, I can’t even remember lol) but have only ever posted once, under a different name, and I’d just like to say that I really appreciate all of your posts, Enzo. It’s always a pleasure to read your opinions.

    Now, to the actual comment, Rinne is probably the most consistently good anime I have seen in the past few years. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. Though god, Kain annoys the heck out of me, especially in this episode. I haven’t read the manga in quite a while, but I’m sure he’s more annoying in anime than in manga. Probably even more than the Rinne’s dad. It was a sweet payoff seeing Rinne get the last win though. More Rinne smiles and less Rinne pain is always preferred.

  3. Well, thanks for commenting now – I’m glad it was a Rinne post that did it.

    I would agree, Kain is definitely more annoying than Rinne’s Dad. He’s just an out and out scoundrel, but Kain is smug little pissant who likes to pretend he’s some sort of model citizen.

  4. b

    I’ve been meaning to post this since last season aired, but thank you for blogging this show. I don’t usually watch comedies, so this would have flown under my radar if you hadn’t covered it. The humor just kind of works for me. KoR’s deadpan style and sheer lack of sentimentality (outside of the romance and occasional sad ghost backstory) kind of reminds me of Seinfeld, which is something I thought I’d never say about an anime.

  5. You’re very welcome, and thanks for commenting. It does have a kind of Seinfeld vibe to it from time to time, I agree, though it’s more unique than anything.

  6. r

    This was one of the series I was really looking forward to this season, and so far it hasn’t disappointed a little bit. I loved the pace of this episode, how it takes its time with the silly fights and expands on what seems like a little (even if incredibly vexing for Rinne and Rokoumon, of course) anecdote. I still miss the first OP song of the first season, but apart from that this show simply nears perfection. Thanks for blogging KnR!

  7. Just wanted to second that I’m watching this show too, and have been loving it since it first aired.

  8. G

    It’s all about pride, and Kain doesn’t want to back down to Rokudou in any way, even if it meant abusing his position.

    My favourite moments were the chemistry between Rokudou and Rokumon, when Rokumon said “You’ll be tempted by the bargain right”, and Rokudou echoed “Yea I would be” with gleaming eyes. We don’t often get Rokumon in centre stage and this episode reminds us of how adorable and protective of his master he is.

    The charms of this show has got to be how the issues are often the little things, and it begs itself to not be taken seriously. Maybe that will lose the attention of a large crowd of anime viewers, but seeing how it has been (mostly) consistently funny along with a sound narrative and characterization, it’s really their loss.

  9. R

    Maybe it’s just because Rinne is a comedy, as opposed to a shounen sports series brimming with excitement and martial spirit, but I never feels the need to comment or add anything. Your posts covers most of it and good comedy speaks for itself in my opinion. But just wanted to pop up to let you know there’s one more watching this with you as well XD

  10. I actually find Rinne to be a lot funnier than Bungou Stray Dogs…

    Rinne’s been on a roll this season…which means that more shenanigans are long overdue.

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