Brief First Impressions – Kuromukuro

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We’re almost through the season premieres (I believe only Big Order remains from my preview post), and even with another frantic travel weekend dawning there was certainly enough of interest surrounding Kuromukuro for me to want to at least check in on it.  P.A. Works tackling mecha is a novel development, and they’ve brought in Okamura Tensai – one of the giants of sci-fi anime with a pedigree as long as his arm – to direct.The Netflix distribution deal has delayed the release of a subbed version for almost a week – was it worth the wait?

I’m not sure there’s going to be enough to keep me around, to be honest, though this premiere was certainly tolerable.  The experience and talent level of the staff is apparent in the look of Kuromukuro – it’s a handsomely drawn and animated series, and the lure of seeing mecha through the PAW aesthetic is the main draw for me.  The content is more of less what you’d expect from the studio though, given how much they seem to have settled into their own perceived identity.   A cute girls piloting mobile suits anime can certainly work, but I don’t see a lot of spark or wit in the writing so far to convince me that this is it.  I’ll watch one more ep for sure, but given how many shows are fighting to stay on the board it’s a big ask to think this one will make the cut.



  1. I didn’t know that Nagai Kei and his fake obaa-san made a cameo on this show.

  2. S

    I’ve just finished watching Kuromukuro, and I must say that I liked it. It wasn’t the best anime I’ve ever viewed, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. The story did take a while to pick up, and some parts of the show is a bit cheesy; however, there is just something about Kuromukuro that continues to draw me back each week.

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