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    Totty placed higher than ESP Kitty and he’s still in the top 10. You complaining? :p
    P.S.: meant to ask you about ‘Sachiko’ for a while. You typed that in place of Totoko in some past posts as well. I But I can’t recall any Sachiko outside of BokuDake (hmmmmmmm very Totty-like sneaky move if that). Care to enlighten? *morphing into Jyushi’s smiling visage as looming closer*

  2. And now I would like to know Enzo’s brother ranking! Of course Totty is first, a shame that he isn’t popular in both Japanese and Western fandom.

  3. If pressed, Totty, Jyuushimatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Osomatsu.

  4. N

    Totty totally passes for a normie, so most fans can’t stand him

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