1. Interesting post there – thanks for the write up. ^^

  2. r

    “And you lose the experience of just being a fan”
    This setence reminded me of a scene in “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying”, where at one time the husband stops working on blogging (which was making him money) to go back to being just a fan. I didn’t really understand what he meant at the time, but this article sheds some light on it.

  3. Yup, pretty much.

  4. I’ll come right out and say that if it weren’t for bloggers(kind of specifically you actually), I wouldn’t have picked up as much anime as I have weekly. To me the experience of reading a good blog is unlike anything on social media, its an occasional lengthy glimpse into someone’s insight on subjects they love, one that I don’t think that will be replaced anytime soon.

  5. The same very much applies to me as well!

    I used to be a huge manga (occasionally anime) fan in my youth. However, as I got older, my quality requirements went up and my free time went down. Blogs are a huge part of my enjoyment of anime these days. I also enjoy reading the comments. For me, it is like you’re going on a great adventure with some fellow-friends 🙂 ….there may be good and bad things on your journey but you’re there together.

    *blog group hug*

    To be honest, Lost is almost the only place I come before deciding which new series to try. I know I can trust what I read here as coming from somebody whose views regularly match my own.

  6. Thanks a lot – hearing that means a lot to me. There are times when I strain under the workload this site requires, but knowing that it actually provides a useful service for some fans is really what keeps me going.

  7. It really is amazingly helpful! 🙂

  8. G

    Gotta appreciate blogs like these for creating a community for like-minded anime viewers to gather and just talk about anime in general ^^ Personally, I mainly follow this blog but I actually started reading anime reviews at Randomc. Kudos to the post, it was fun seeing the opinions of many anibloggers.

  9. L

    I thought that was an interesting article. For me the main appeal to reading blogs is that it’s nice to read something that is written well about a topic that I enjoy and am interested in. I love good anime and manga, and reading about others’ thoughts on it makes it a more fulfilling experience for me. I don’t think I could ever be a blogger, but as a reader I do appreciate what bloggers do for us fans.

    The best parts for me are when reading other people’s thoughts has an affect on my own view on the subject, or I feel I get more out of it than I would have if I hadn’t read the blog. (One example is the post for the last episode of Death Parade on this site.) Although there are other mediums where people can communicate their thoughts and opinions on animanga, I haven’t come across another medium I have liked as much or that has touched me as much as blogs do.

    And of course blogs, especially this one, have gotten me into some great stories that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. (A great example being the manga-to-anime wish-list post for MAL.) 🙂

    Please know that your hard work is appreciated Enzo!

  10. Thanks, Lily! I”m having pretty good luck with that list – maybe I should write another one…

  11. L

    Well, if you did write another list, I would enjoy that!

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