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Wait – so Ryuu lives under a desk??

Akagami - 23 -1I think it could be argued that the most significant development of this episode of Akagami no Shirayukihime occurred in its very first moments.  And not only that, moments that were technically a recap – except that it seems as if the gang at Funimation got a line wrong last week, assuming this week’s translation was correct.  And it was a doozy – Prince Izana actually said “Try making me an ally.”  Just one little word can make such a difference, can’t it?  In light of that my puzzlement over what Izana said last week makes perfect sense, because he never actually said it.

Akagami - 23 -2That little whopper of a change certainly casts the perspective events of the final episode in a difference and much more uncertain light, but for now this penultimate effort is basically a homage to everything that makes Akagami no Shirayukihime such a wonderful series.  At heart I think this is really a slice-of-life romance – or at the very least, that seems to be the mode in which it’s most comfortable.  And it’s hard to imagine any show looking more comfortable than Snow White with the Red Hair looked this week.

Akagami - 23 -3The premise here was kind of goofy, actually.  First Zen hurts his neck when a dusty rug falls on his head, then Mitsuhide gets hypnotized into a smooth-talking Casanova when he breaks a vial containing a “hypnotic” potion.  These are the times when the fairy-tale stylistic leanings of Akagami really come into play to its benefit, because as far-fetched as that hypnotism bit was, it feels pretty natural.  I’m not quite sure how all this ended up being Shirayuki’s final exam (more on that in a minute) when no one could possibly have predicted Mitsuhide was going to break that bottle, but what the hell – it was an excuse for the series to really turn on the charm.

Akagami - 23 -4And when it comes to charm, Akagami no Shirayukihime has few betters.  I just adore all the stuff with the herbalist wing of the cast and plot.  This ep had an overload of Ryuu kawaii moments (hiding his face in a book when the Chief called him out for his feelings for Shirayuki was maybe the best) – though I must say it’s a bit alarming that Ryuu sleeps on the floor under his desk.  Seriously – does the Chief not think that’s a problem?  Someone (Obi?) take that poor kid home and look after him, for crying out loud.

Akagami - 23 -5Generally speaking, the episode was Mitsuhide acting in a manner sure to embarrass him (if Obi has anything to say about it) once the spell wore off.  But it all comes from love – basically the potion just made him that much more devoted to Zen (who knew that was possible?).  There’s no question Mitsuhide is an ally of Zen and Shirayuki’s ship, because he wants more than anything for Zen to be happy.  But convincing Izana remains the likely focus of the finale – especially now that Shirayuki was officially made a court herbalist already (an event that felt like it was moved to earlier in the timeline for the anime).  I don’t imagine we’re going to get a firm conclusion next week, and since we’re not going to get another season either, I guess it’s time to start the obligatory migration to the manga…



  1. Migration to the manga eh?


    I look forward to your delight!

  2. Ah Enzo, you are in for a treat with the manga. =D

  3. Y

    I always thought Ryuu had forts under his desks (yes, there’s more than one xD) because he liked it that way? He’s not exactly a normal kid (which is in no way a bad thing, just pointing it out), and we do know he prefers to avoid being the centre of anyone’s attention, so it’s no surprise to me that he’d enjoy resting in more confined spaces. I myself used to do that as a kid, sometimes, so I actually thought his makeshift beds looked more comfy than unsettling.

  4. So this desk thing is a thing, and I just never noticed it? In the anime too?

  5. R

    If you make the migration to manga I hope you blog (at least briefly, maybe one per arc???) because I ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY want to hear your opinion on my favorite arc (chronologically the one that came right after the kidnapping arc that the anime pretty much ended on as the last major arc Q_Q)- the Lyrias arc (although I’ve heard it called other names as well)

  6. Y

    Yes, in the episode where Ryuu gives Obi the flower seeds, we see him take them out of another desk fort, a different one than the one we saw in this episode. As for whether it’s a thing in real life, well, it was a thing for me personally while I was still little, and I enjoyed transforming different cupboards and closets and tables and the like into makeshift beds. It was almost like a game, though I can’t remember if any of my friends or relatives did it too.

  7. Enzo, if I understood correctly the chief herbalist was going to make Shirayuki analyze the substance for her test before the accident happened.

  8. Yeah, basically the test was about that thing. Poisoning Mitsuhide with it was a “happy accident” and they decided to let it be Shirayuki’s test.

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