Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu – 05

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This is the last of the trio of series I’d say are truly bubble shows (along with HaruChika and KonoSuba) and I’m pretty much in the same boat.  I like it, but maybe not enough to commit to blogging it in a season that’s already pretty packed.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu isn’t quite the series I was expecting, though not in a bad way.  I really thought – given the identity of the creator – that we’d be getting something heavily satirical here.  But Shoujo-tachi is actually more Shirobako than Osomatsu-san.  Whether that’s because Tanaka-sensei’s involvement with the anime is limited or because he actually looks at this side of his life with a lot of affection I don’t know (it would be kind of cool if it was the latter) I don’t know, but the result is something a lot more sincere and innocent than I expected.

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Indeed, the raison d’etre for this show seems to be a sort of documentary style examination of the creative process and what it’s like to learn it as a young person.  This time around team dynamics are in focus, and Andou is at the center of the storm.  She’s definitely not a team player – she changes Bunta’s scripts and Yuuki’s art when she’s supposed to be programming (as a writer, I can tell you that would seriously piss me off) and blows off designing the website she asked to be put in charge of.  When Kuroda confronted Andou and she stormed off, a big part of me was saying “good riddance” – but this isn’t that sort of show, and Bunta isn’t that sort of guy.  The whole fishing sequence was borderline surreal, but I suspect that was on purpose…

Again – a pretty solid ep, but while I’m still connected to this series I’m not quite drawn in enough to commit to it.  If the urge asserts itself I’ll roll with that – but for now it’s off the regular schedule.


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  1. I thought the scene showing her as the daughter of a fisherman was both odd and insightful at the same time – most of the fisherman I have known who go out regularly in conditions like that are not quite that cheery, but they certainly are a rather hard boiled and unpredictable group of fellows…dunno, to me Andou’s behavior reminded me very clearly of them. ^^

    And yeah…they certainly rub people the wrong way, and quite often. XD

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