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Yeah, it’s definitely getting weirder.

Osomatsu-san - 20 -1Before I dive into this… interesting episode of Osomatsu-san, it must be noted that this was the week the series’ first volume officially crossed over the 100K threshold in sales.  In doing so it becomes only the second TV anime ever to hit that number (after Love Live) – presuming you don’t count TV series-turned-movie Evangelion.  I’ve already expounded on this topic but after an episode like this one, you really have to look at a statistic like that and shake your head.  The Japanese are certainly an interesting people.

Osomatsu-san - 20 -2This wasn’t necessarily one of the most consistently funny episodes of Osomatsu-san for me, but it was definitely one of the flat-out weirdest.  Any sketch involving Hatabou is likely to be surreal to begin with, but this one (it’s strongly implied that he serves up his rebellious former employees as kebabs, burgers, steaks, yakiniku, steak and shabu-shabu) is way out there where the buses don’t run.  I’ll never hear “What kind of meat is this?” the same way again (though truth be told, it’s not like one hears it all that often anyway).

Osomatsu-san - 20 -4The schoolyard-delinquent sketch had moments of abject hilarity – I’d point to the brothers covering their crotches whenever a girl walked by, and then Ichimatsu doing so when a cat does – but more than anything it was just flat-out random and silly.  Karamatsu’s outfit, Ichimatsu’s speech pattern, the “fight” between Karamatsu and Osomatsu – I mean, jeebus, this was some weird shit.  I imagine it was a lot of fun for the seiyuu, at least.

Osomatsu-san - 20 -5Then we had my favorite sketch of the day (surprise!) a very meta and high-concept piece about comedy as taught by Iyami.  Damn, Suzumura Kenichi is great in this role – serious comic genius – and this chapter is Osomatsu-san at its darkest and most self-aware.  From the moment Iyami bombs in front of children with lame jokes until he pulls out his “Sheeeh!” the cynicism is thick in the air, but I think on some level there’s a certain reverence for Iyami’s reverence towards comedy (even if it’s illogical and self-contradictory), and I was especially keen on the moment he prayed to the altar of Osomatsu-kun creator Akatsuka Fujio (who I can only speculate is very confused right about now).

Osomatsu-san - 20 -6That bit of self-referential satire not being sufficient, after the end credits Osomatsu-san turns to the seiyuu business for the cherry on top of the sundae – just in case anyone didn’t get the message.  It’s a very weird experience watching a show like this as it storms the cultural barricades, wondering if the ones buying the discs really understand what’s going on here, witnessing the creative team get bolder and bolder as the true magnitude of the series’ success becomes clearer.  One of the things I love most about anime is that it’s so uniquely Japanese, and says things artistically that would never be said anywhere else – and I’m not sure you’ll ever see a more vivid example of that than Osomatsu-san.  Sheeeh!




  1. T

    Don’t get me started on Karamatsu’s clothes. I’m not a complete Karamatsu girl just yet, but he’s winning me over.

    My eyes definitely widened when they began talking about the seiyuu business, “Ohhhh, they actually went there!”

    At this point, I feel the same way for “Osomatsu-san” as I did for “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun” during its season, consistently funny or not, the characters have become family and I will willingly watch them anytime.

  2. r

    The sketch about comedy was felt the flattest to me (oh, the irony).
    On the other hand, the delinquent sketch started out kinda ‘meh’, but it progressively evolved in something outright hilarious. When Jyushimatsu arrived and started sucking people like Cell, I lost it. Popping like a balloon was just the cherry on top of the cake.

  3. The delinquent sketch was definitely the funniest one, but the comedy one was the most interesting. And a seiyuu’s life on this show definitely isn’t easy – the yelling must have been at an all-time high XD.

  4. G

    The self-deprecating humour game is getting strong.
    Regarding the Jo “meat” sketch, I was reminded of the Taiwan and China food safety incidents and I think it isn’t a coincidence. It’s scary how true it is.
    And….. Iyami makes a welcome return to the cast. He shows yet another rational, “seemingly adult” side to him, but we all know how it will end up. But, I have to add this: Iyami, I do not love you just for your “SHEEHH”. I laughed really hard when all the cards failed, and the Matsus decided to train as seiyuus instead >> they leave no stone unturned, that’s for sure.

  5. C

    I liked this one a lot better than last week’s, and not just because it featured Karamatsu in hot pants! Ahem. The yankii skit alone was better than anything from the last episode.

    The 100k mark has left me in awe. Not even superhits like Bakemonogatari nor Madoka, nor even the mega ultra hit Shingeki got that high. A new age has begun.

  6. Aw Iyami-san delivering deep comedy wisdom and ethics.., and not being able to put’em into practice on official stage himself. As we say in Italy ‘ Chi ha i denti non ha il pane… ‘ (literally’ The one who has teeth has no bread [to bite]’ ). SHEEEEEH!

    Loved the delinquent sketch. Jyuushi confirmed OP . But really… dear Matsu-boys that one was not even a furry bug. It looked like one of the round squishy green kind that is actually borderline silky to the touch. Touch them gently as not to hurt them, they are moe and sooo sofffffft when they curl into a spiral in your palm ;> *country girl ahoy*. Btw Totoko should just keep the exploded gradient perm hairstyle it suits her marvelously in every way :p.
    Karamatsu’s delinquent uniform physics bother me. Is he using fashion tape to keep the under the nipples section of his cropped jacket all nice up and straight? :,DD

    Soylent Meat? Corporate Hell putting people through the grinder? It left me hankering for processed meat of questionable origin though. Help!

  7. P

    I am a bonafide Karamatsu Girl from the very beginning and this episode, showed me once again why. That fishing outfit got an A+++ and his yankii outfit had me laughing at just how ridiculous it was.

    Overall it was a pretty funny episode for me, I enjoyed all the skits at various degrees and it was all worth it for them to say “Even if you are not good looking, you’re still considered handsome” in the seiyuu skit. Truer words have never been spoken, my friend (though I don’t think that applies to Irino Miyu).

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