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First things first – this episode of Dagashi Kashi hit close to home for me.

Dagashi Kashi- 05 -1OK, so I love ramen.  Like, seriously love it – religiously, like Michael Booth in Sushi & Beyond after he tries butter corn ramen for the first time love it.  So natch, I love Baby Star (the big bags are even better) – I think I tried it for the first time after seeing it on Nobunaga Concerto and thinking “WTF is ramen in a bag?”  I actually didn’t know the background story until Coconuts explained it here – but then, that’s one of the things I love about Dagashi Kashi.  And I think whether you care about stuff like that is a good test of whether or not this show is for you.

Dagashi Kashi- 05 -2I guess it’s a testament to Japan’s wonderful weirdness that somebody decided it was a good idea to scrape the refuse from instant ramen off the dirt and sell it to kids, and it turned out to be delicious.  As for the first dagashi we “met” this week, while the spelling is close Ramune could hardly be more different from ramen.  It’s an eponymous Japanese beverage especially in summer and you see it in anime occasionally – that effervescent, clear drink of many flavors with the marble in the bottle.  I had no idea they made a powdered version in an edible bottle – it sounds pretty gross, but I’ll take Hotaru and You’s word for it.  The whole routine around Ramune as another kind of powder was Dagashi Kashi in a nutshell – kind of edgy but also quite innocent.

Dagashi Kashi- 05 -3The whole vlogging sketch had me in stitches, especially as I knew it would end up with Kokonotsu becoming a Youtube sensation.  You is a very funny character and I loved seeing more of him this time, but it’s also abundantly clear that the harder Kokonotsu tries to run away from his nature the more obvious it becomes – he’s a dagashi savant.  He knows almost as much trivia as Hotaru does (and his is more practical) and it always makes me smile when he gets all passionate about it – not only does he know about this stuff but he secretly cares about it.

Dagashi Kashi- 05 -4Then we had the final sequence, which got the other baka-in-residence Tou into the action.  First off Coconuts is right, his dad should be paying him – but Hotaru’s money-making scheme was worth his sacrifice.  She knows so much, yet so little – I loved it when the screen flashed “NOT TRUE” after she espoused her sunglasses sour grape theory (and yes, they really have changed the packaging).  Again, the idea of a gummy Russian roulette is exquisitely Japanese and another case of serendipitous invention.  But how is it that Hotaru gets off the hook without paying off the damn bet?

Dagashi Kashi- 05 -6One thing I really wonder with Dagashi Kashi is whether or not the series gets a kickback from the snack industry, because they’re sure as hell giving it a lot of free publicity.  They’re using real product names and packaging, and even doing special informational segments on the website and via twitter.  Everybody wins, I guess (SNK Playmore could take a lesson from all this) – and Dagashi Kashi is definitely the funniest straight-up comedy of the season.




  1. Maybe its just because of the language barrier, but when I look at these snacks I have no idea what’s inside…

    That Youtube segment is definitely the winner, I’m constantly amazed at Fujiwara Keiji’s comedic range. Each episode feels really breezy with the slice of life vibe they give off.

  2. m

    This anime better get some backing from the snack companies. After watching this ep, I’m in the mood for some Baby Star.

  3. G

    Different countries we are talking about, but I did enjoy my fair share of Dagashi. Cheap food for kids after all.

    I have tried something similar to Ramune before. Trust me, It’s pretty nice, the powder melts in your mouth with your saliva and they have nice flavours ^^ My favourite, though, for this sort of “beverage” Dagashi is the spray ver. It’s seriously fun as the liquid (it is in a small spray container) is fruity flavoured and u spray it on your tongue to taste it. And it’s super addictive since you get the kick from the sweetness right away. I wonder if Japan has a variation of it.

    My favourite Dagashi has got to be the individually packed corn sticks (think Umaibou, but fatter). Watching this show reminds me of childhood, so it is a relaxing watch. And Kokonotsu is adorable to say the least.

    Trivia: my country’ ver.of baby star ramen is mamee monster. Talk abt the crazy salty MSG taste – probably no one pours the whole pack of seasoning since the noodles itself is already flavoured. And i personally find it more fun to eat it in chunks/whole then tiny bits.

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