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TMI – or too little?

Apologies for the short posts today, but it’s one of those crazy early in the season days that just eats you alive as a blogger.  Osomatsu-san, I’ve noticed, has gone two episodes into the season with almost no appearances by the supporting cast.  I guess with six main characters vying for camera time it makes sense, but I confess I miss the B-team, because they’re just as funny as the starters.

I would imagine getting a cold really is a bit of an ordeal if you’re part of sextuplets, especially ones as wrong in the head as the Matsuno brothers.  French-kissing Osomatsu to get him sick too was right in-character (as usual, he had it coming), as was Karamatsu secretly being caring and nurturing.  The real story here was Jyuushimatsu’s fantastic journey, which turned all his brothers into a genki army (much to their mother’s chagrin).

I found the second chapter the more compelling this week, as it took Osomatsu-san down one of those dark alleys it sometimes ventures, always with interesting results.  One suspects it’s the innocent-seeming youngest siblings who’re secretly the most scary (we get hints in that direction almost every week) but I can’t help like Todomatsu, because all he’s really doing is having an actual life.  Now admittedly, nothing is more galling when you don’t have a life than having someone close to you have one.

The whole dance surrounding “the line” was pretty hilarious – and Totty is quite the adventurer, it seems.  I also enjoyed Ichimatsu as Hannibal Lecter, complete with calling Choromatsu “Chorice”, but did I really need to know Totty’s fetish is the wrinkles on belly buttons?  No – and that’s the whole point, I think, that Totty knows exactly what he’s doing. Is there any question the clever bastard is going to be the first one to get laid?  I think the others know it, too, and that’s what really pisses them off about him.  Oh, and Jyuushimatsu is secretly invested heavily in stocks and leading a double-life.  In case you thought he wasn’t hiding secret darkness.

As usual you have to stick around for the credits with Osomatsu-san, because the best stuff is often what comes after.  That whole bit with Totty and Choromatsu as teacher and vice-principal was one of the most purely random sketches I’ve seen in anime in a long time – it was seriously funny but completely off the rails.  It also featured some hilarious acting by Miyu-miyu and Kamiya-san – the latter’s “A.V.!!!” montage was priceless, and no one can deliver astonishment at insanity like Miyu-kun.  This is one of those sessions, one suspects, where a lot of takes were required because of all the laughing…

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    I’m on a Matsuthon roll today (muscle muscle catch up!). And I feel myself turning into a Jyushimasu with each passing episode. That genki demented grin he plasters on his own face is one infectious attitude I tell ya. That said the moment that had me ROFLING the most in this was the Chorice shoutout. And the fantastic voyage-style mini-Jyus army contaminating the other five. I’d take a dose of mini-Jyus, come to mama ye hyper microboys >D.

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