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    If I may add, I like Kon Satoshi…love all 4 of his movies…sad to have lost one great talent. I also like Hosoda Mamoru…still love Wolf Children and can’t wait for The Boy and The Beast to be subbed. Shinkai Makoto is another must-followed director to me.

    Talking about anime movies, I’m also waiting for the sub of Miss Hokusai to come out — it’s directed by Hara Keiichi, who is well-known for Kureyon Shin-chan. Of course, I can’t not mention Miyazaki Hayao and Takahata Isao…am a big time Studio Ghibli fan, like many here. I’m sure there are many more, but these directors came to mind.

  2. Subs for Miss Hokusai are just out, actually.

    I love Kon too, but again, I feel like that’s a director a lot of Western fans already know. And I kind of wanted to focus on directors still active in the industry.

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    Thanks Enzo…I will check it out. If you have time, would love to read your review on Miss Hokusai.

    Re: directors…that’s true, and I’m one of those who live in the western world trying to learn more about anime :).

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    Admittedly, it kind of feels weird to have a list of the best directors while not listing Oshii, but then again you were going for those still active. I’d agree with… most of the list, I’d say. Not all of them, but many of them would have made the cut as well if I’d written such a list.

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    Would Ikuhara, Yuasa, and Nagahama make it in your long list?

  6. Tough to say. Honestly, probably not – Yuasa and Ikuhara have done a lot of stuff that simply isn’t to my taste. And as sublime as Mushishi is, it’s really the only show Nagahama has directed that I consider elite.

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    Not having Junichi Sato on the list is almost travesty.

    If you want to mention Keiichi Hara you should equally mention Oscar-candidate Hiromasa Yonebayashi as well as Yasuhiro Yoshiura.

    What Anno is doing on the list? He hasn’t done anything noteworthy for almost 20 years. Guy is as good as retired.

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    No Dezaki? Come on, the guy’s a legend!

    And I know I am hopeless U.C. Gundam fanboy, but I strongly believe that Tomino should up on that list. Even not taking account his good Gundam and non-Gundam series, Be Invoked is an underrated and obscure masterpiece that more people should know about.

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    You forgot Shinbo. :p

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