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    Tarou definitely hits the motherly spot for moe, though Miyako is really adorable as well. At that age, anime kids can't not be moe, can they? Though, how can you not mention Naru from Barakamon?? XD She's the cutest kid ever! Normally, I would have found her character trope annoying, but she's such a genki sweetie.

    I'd love to see more posts on such topics, there's such a diverse range to cover on.

    And, I think this will go on for a few more years, at least, to come. Yuuno Gasai has really become the prime example for yandere (I cannot forget that humilitating kidnap scene).

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    I recently recognized a trope which occurs frequently in Hikaru no Go and Chihaayafuru.I call it "Why isn't it me playing?" Akira actually says that to Hikaru after Hikaru wins against Kaio as a 6th grader. It causes Hikaru to take over from Sai in the first Touya Meijin match and the 3rd match with Akira. Touya uses Ochi to play Hikaru because he can not. Toward the end Sai becomes afflicted with this disease abd even guilts Hikaru into letting him play Touya Meijin.
    In Chihayafuru Chihaya asks this question during each of the Queens matches in her first and second year. She even goes so far as wishing she had been born a boy so that she could have played Suo. Arata asks why it is not him playing Chihaya instead of Taichi at Yoshino.
    Not sure if this is a sports trope since it seems to be associated with matches that the speaker is watching

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    The main trope here is the competitiveness of characters in sport shows, which is quite normal I think…

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