2015 Reader Poll Results

It’s a little late, but here’s a look a the LiA Reader Poll Results from 2015.

Unfortunately, this poll was cut a bit short – but I think the results are probably pretty accurate, as we got up to about 2,000 votes. And from my perspective, you guys did very well – your top 2 was the same as mine (good job!).

As always, it’s kind of fun to compare results with the RC poll – a poll which saw One Punch Man run way with the win by nearly a 3-1 margin over Death Parade, which finished third (Fate/stay night UBW was second). Akatsuki no Yona was far lower in the RC poll (13th) and I was surprised to see Shoukugeki no Souma fare so much better at RC (4th vs. 14th at LiA). That aside (though I actually had Souma closer to where you did), your tastes are more to my taste (as usual)…



  1. This site has always catered to a more elitist viewer (as opposed to casual) then at RC. Nothing wrong with it, just different groups of people that are viewers.

  2. Nothing wrong except your choice of words, IMHO.

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