2015 Reader Poll

Time for the LiA readers to look back and vote…

Here’s the 2015 LiA reader poll – please choose your 5 favorite series of 2014.  It’s a huge list, so I’m going to pin this post to the top for a week during voting rather than hijack the sidebar.  Thanks for participating!



  1. U

    Sailor Moon Crystal is in your list twice (once in the C's and once in the S's)

  2. K

    My top five of the year were . . .
    I. Kekkai Sensen
    II. Noragami Aragato
    III. Death Parade
    IV. Baby Steps 2nd Season
    V. One Punch Man

    Obviously those are the five I voted for but I'm also going to throw an honorable mention to My Love Story! & JoJo, both which very nearly took the fifth spot for me.

  3. S

    I had only four shows really dear that ended last year, so KnB is here more like "Ehm… what's else?". They are:
    1. Noragami Aragoto
    2. Ore Monogatari
    3. Arslan Senki
    4. Akatsuki no Yona
    5. Kuroko no Basket

    Plot has more ascendant on me than
    visual quality. So Arslan beats Yona in the end.

  4. J

    Wow… the only thing I watched all the way through this year was Death Parade, which was fantastic of course, but dang, what a weak year for me. I'll throw a vote to One Punch Man as well cause it is ridiculous fun, but I didn't even bother watching all of it.

  5. s

    Man this year is so weird, so many things that were meh so little that I'll remember past the year, all except Baby Steps and Parasyte probably, I can see myself rewatching these anime, in fact I've already rewatched Baby Steps and reread the manga + vampire cats translations this past month.

    One thing i would love is for Enzo to rank his fav all time sports manga/ anime. I read that Ginga E Kickoff review and kinda wanna watch it now, I'm just sad that sports mangas esp the good ones get dropped by scanlators so readily, we finally have a new one for baby steps so I'm esctatic but i remember a few i really liked like Ballroom Youkoso, that one about Nagitana, all Rounder-Meguru and Teppu off the top of my head have stalled/ stopped and for that I'm sad. Also, no one's really bringing official releases over but I guess scanlations are free if u don't count donations so i shouldn't complain.

  6. I might do that post sometime, though it would take a while to figure out just what the order would be. The competition would be pretty damn fierce.

  7. G

    1 Akatsuki no Yona
    2 Shokugeki no Soma
    3 Hibike Euphonium
    4 One-Punch Man
    5 Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

    I really have some catching up to do with shows like Death Parade, Kekkai Sensen, Working and Gangsta… The first three are really up there for me but 4 and 5 could be replaced by one of those, even though I liked them quite a lot.

  8. R

    1- Non Non Biyori Repeat
    2- Kekkai Sensen
    3- Arslan Senki
    4- kiseiju
    5- Yurikuma Arashi

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