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    Ya it was a great movie. I even liked the dubbed version with Billy Bob Thorton, Minnie Driver, and Gillian Anderson (tho the subbed version is best).

  2. The thing with Mononoke-hime is that there are two dubs, and the first one cut massive amounts of material out of the movie. It practically convinced Miyazaki never to allow his films to be licensed in the U.S. again.

    I would agree, the second one is decent (I think it had Billy Crudup as Ashitaka too, if I remember right). But the sub was still way better.

  3. s

    yea mononoke-hime is one of those anime movies where i definitely feel that the subbed version outclasses the dub (even tho i dont really care much for the whole subbed vs dubbed thing)..i remember watching the subbed version when i was 10 and being enamored by it

  4. Z

    I never realized the dub and sub were so different, I must have been to young to really realize the difference. Still this is probably true for me as well. As far as Theatrical movies go. Mononoke-Hime definetely ranks at the top.

  5. J

    There is a dub from before the Miramax one written by Neil Gaiman? The Disney-Tokuma deal did not allow cuts to the running times of the Ghibli films, so there is no editing. Were you thinking of Warriors of the Wind?

  6. J

    Actually, no there isn't. The Miramax released dub with Billy Crudup is the only known dub that was made. Whatever alternate dub existed was probably just a 'rough cut' of the dub.

  7. N

    For me as well, watching Mononoke was a watershed moment, which marked my transition from casual viewer to anime enthusiastic.

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