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So – anything interesting happen in Noragami world this week?

No, I’m not going to talk about the OST – if you want to discuss it there are plenty of places where you can do so, but I’m not going to let this one degrade into what I’m seeing in those places.  Besides, there’s plenty to talk about with the episode itself – which was, BTW, one of the best of the season.  And certainly my favorite of the Ebisu arc (are we calling it the Ebisu arc?).  So let’s just move on and focus on  that.

I don’t know about you, but I found the scene where Yukine was speaking to Hiyori and she couldn’t see him strangely moving.  I may have been reading too much into Fujisaki – he could jut be a smitten teen rather than an agent of deceit – but that’s irrelevant to the effect his kiss had on Hiyori.  She clearly feels in her gut that it was a betrayal, though until Yukine makes his appearance she can’t say why – or of who.

Poor Yukine…  One hug is enough to put him on tilt, but then he is at that age – and the sad thing is he’ll be at that age forever (or until he re-dies anyway).  The whole question of Yukine’s age and feelings is part of a larger issue that I assume the manga will have to deal with eventually, which is that both Yato and Yukine are in love with Hiyori.  Setting aside the fact that they’re denizens of different shores, it’s an interesting conundrum because you know, Yukine is actually closer in biological age to Hiyori than Yato is.  But she’ll keep growing, and she’s already taller than he is (among other things).  Poor Yukine (did I say that already?).  I would think Yato and Yukine have to have a face-off and or falling out over this sooner or later, but that’s obviously a matter for down the road.

For now, the focus remains on Ebisu – and as I mentioned last week, he’s a surprising character.  It’s always interesting when a character’s appearance so belies their nature, but Ebisu has definitely turned out to be a different sort of chap than first impressions indicated.  He may look the part of a sinister and suave tycoon or even a Yakuza, but Ebisu is a man-child – an idealistic and naive loose cannon whose bad decisions lead to his being reincarnated over and over.  He’s nothing like the antagonist of this arc – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of them to go around.

Ebisu has always been a source of trouble it seems – and a bit of a headache for the other six Lucky Gods – but his current dalliance with naming phantoms has finally pushed the pantheon of Kami too far.  They declare a death sentence against him, imprison the other Shichi Fukujin and lock down Ebisu’s mansion.  When some very powerful concerned Regalia get involved (and Tenjin’s Tsuyu, who’s actually not a Shinki but rather the spirit of a plum tree) what we have developing seems to be no less than an all-our war between the Gods.  Which makes me wonder if that’s what Yato’s “father” (and perhaps Nora) wanted all along.

It’s easy to see why Bones chose to close the season with this arc, which touches on some very fundamental elements of the story as it currently stands.  That’s especially true when it comes to Yato, who’s trying to do no less than redefine himself as a respectable God – and of course, it’s for Hiyori that he wants to do so.  This is the crossroads moment for Yato and while he seems to have made the right choice, it looks like he’s going to need some rescuing.  That means a trip to the underworld for Hiyori and Yukine, but I suspect it’s the involvement of the now freed Shichi Fukujin that’s going to make the difference.

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  1. s

    i also feel bad for yukine that he is stuck as a teenager with raging hormones forever…what a hell that must be…screw being a regalia

  2. H

    "Poor Yukine" I never thought I would see the day when you were so sympathetic to a Yuki Kaji character! 😛

  3. w

    I think it's actually nice to see that Ebisu is not a totally bad character. I don't think he's really a villain, but his actions do feel like bad decisions. Idk if it was answered before or I wasn't paying much attention, but why is he trying to control phantoms? To hope to lessen rogue ones? An experiment of sorts? For power??

    Anyway, as to Yato's "father," he obviously knew that Yato could be left behind; that's why he gave the assignment in the first place. My problem is that he's stuck with a Nora. Who knows if she's also Izanami's regalia??

    Anyway, I'm really loving how apt the cliffhangers are.

  4. b

    Many miseries and deaths are caused by Phantoms who adhere to humans when they have negative emotions, like in one of the first episodes of the previous season where a boy tried to kill himself but Hiyori stopped him. Or in this season, the baby who felt lonely and created a Phantom from the mirror that could have caused a family murder or the man possessed by the money phantom.
    What Ebisu was saying in this episode is that if he could control Phantoms he could avoid all this from happening and reduce humanity's suffering to some extent.

  5. b

    It is the best arc of the entire manga in my opinion, the official name is Yomi Arc although people like to call it Ebisu arc too.
    I find a bit disappointing the anime has to rush this arc -the previous season adapted 9 chapters of the manga, this season is adapting nearly 30 monthly chapters- and they are changing order of scenes, modifying others or cutting off, like many Hiyori's scenes or High Sentinel Oshi massacring Ebisu's shinki one by one to get Ebisu's location.
    Most of Ebisu's shinki are Nora but loyal to him because he was the only one to openly accept them and treat them with warmth. It's a brutal scene, how Oshi considers them as livestock and shows no remorse causing their deaths or psychologically torturing them because Heaven is always righteous.

    Despite that, I praise them for adapting this arc because I think it's a turning point, and for the amount of chapters they are compressing, they are doing well. I don't know if the OST incident is going to cause them too many loses to be willing to make another season, but at least I am glad the anime reached this part of the manga instead of stopping at Bishamon's arc.

  6. G

    What is the OST incident?

  7. H

    One of the tracks for this season included lyrics for the call to prayer in Islam., think ANN had comments from the staff on how they didn't mean it as an insult but wohoops, we should've thought this through.

  8. G

    We are coming to the end of the 2nd season quickly and yet we next to nothing about Yato's father. They don't seem to be in any hurry to tell us either.

  9. P

    Really what OST I feel left out xD that would be like really bad mixture of religions if its true!

    Mm with that said, I would have to disagree on a point with Enzo. I do think Yukine loves Hiyori, but he also wants to protect what Yato holds dear, that is Hiyori. He cares about her, but not to the level to love her and I can't see Yato and Yukine argueing over her. Ever since the start, its been daddy Yato, mummy Hiyori and well, Yukine is a teen whose reaction for a tight embrace is normal for his age. I think he loves Hiyori as a very close friend. I think I would say 'poor Yukine' the moment Hiyori is old enough to pass away and Yato disappears. Then I will be shedding many many tears for Yukine.

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