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    It certainly is HxH's best arc ever.

  2. m

    Agreed! I don't think I will ever see anything quite like it. There was not one character who was redundant / unimportant, and the buildup to climax was unrivalled.
    Also, you know how good a show is when the popularity never quite dies out / fades. I still see a lot of love for Hisoka merchandise (and a severe lack of goods for other characters)

  3. Y

    I haven't seen nearly as much anime as you have, even though I've been watching for years and love certain series more than I love certain members of my family (I finally said it! Should I apologise if it's the truth?). Still, out of all the ones I have seen, none are dearer to my heart than FMA:B, for reasons both phenomenal and personal. But as you so aptly put it, that series is just one long, acutely paced arc of twists, turns and truths (no pun intended). If I had to pick a specific arc in the purest sense of the word, then I'm going to agree with you — Chimera Ant it is! For now.

  4. G

    That was why I said this was best arc in HxH. I'm partial to FMA: Brotherhood Shakugan no Shana as well as HxH. Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail have also had some really good arcs.

  5. K

    No offense, but I don't think Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail have had arcs that have approached even the average Hunter x Hunter arcs let alone the Chimera Ant arc.

  6. l

    I think it's a bit unfair to compare Chimera Ant to other Shounen arcs as it's very Seinen in subject material and execution. I suppose One Piece's Enies Lobby and of course HxH's own Yorkshin arc(1999) are comparable in quality for me.

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    I haven't posted on here before, and I feel pretty silly/stupid for not noticing the place where you can add comments (though most of the posts I read where not new posts, so people might not read my comments anyway). Anyhow, I like it here and I really appreciate your posts Enzo. This site has offered some good insight on some shows that I like and it has certainly helped me to find good things that I might not have found otherwise.

  8. Thanks for joining the conversation, Lily- great to have you here.

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    Hello Enzo,
    I’m sorry to be a bother, but I have decided I do not want my full name up there, so could you remove my comment for this post? (It should be relatively easy to remove it?) We are the same person, Lilly M. and Lilly M***, though I don’t know if I could prove it unless you can still tell what email I used for this post before this blog was transferred to WordPress. It would be the same email as the one I am using now.
    And for a different reason, can you also remove Lilly M.’s comment under the Hunter x Hunter Ch. 357 post as well? Thank you.

  10. Done.

  11. B

    It is indeed the best shounen anime Arc, in a vacuum. Which is truly outstanding, considering it houses arguably the worst 15 minutes of the entire anime. You know which episode to which I'm referring.

  12. Yup, well aware. Expect to hear more from me on this in the coming days.

  13. It’s a well-written piece, but mostly a rehash of criticisms of Chimera Ant that have been circulating for years. The problem I have with a lot of them is that they boil down to “it’s wrong because it’s just not how things are done.” I think Togashi takes heat for this arc for doing things that have never been done before, but aren’t necessarily flaws. It’s just that no one had the balls to try them.

    I don’t think Chimera Ant is perfect by any means – there are pacing issues, and I do agree that Gon gets somewhat lost for too many long stretches. But it’s so much more ambitious than any other shounen arc that even with the flaws it’s stil the best ever (or at least, the only one that can go toe to toe with the Kyoto Arc in Rurouni Kenshin).

  14. M

    That’s exactly how I felt. Togashi’s side effect of world building is sideshadowing: leaving loose threads that play into building the world at large, but aren’t necessarily tied into the plot. At least not immediately. Think Hanzo’s scroll, Battle Olimpia, Melody’s Sonata of Darkness, Gyro (as he mentioned), Meteor City (though played with, it’s almost never been in the spotlight). Togashi’s ever-expanding world has this weird side-effect, of opening doors and possibilities that reside outside of the story, yet have a place in his world.

    The narration phenomenon you thoroughly debunked in your weekly posts; and I myself agree. The narration only ever becomes overwhelming if you’re not into the material. It’s possibly not the best technique for a visual medium, but it is the BEST Madhouse could do for this section of the arc.

    Where would you think the pacing issues are? At the very beginning, during Gon & Knuckle’s training, while Gon & Killua infiltrate North Ko… East Gorteau, or the Palace Invasion? I find that the pace issues are almost non-existent in the manga, actually. So much more is conveyed through just a page there, especially in the first section of the arc; the structure is very pleasing.

    I’m always very curious when you mention the long stretches without Gon. When immersing yourself into the actual episodes, from your posts I saw you were surprised at how invested you were in the B and C-rank characters despite Gon’s absence… especially compared to Yorknew City. Yet when it comes to memory, that absence more solidified. This makes me think that Gon acts as the best empathy device through which to get the story across?

    It’s obviously a widespread literary phenomenon, that the protagonist is the foothold into the world. But I’ve always thought since the Election Arc the world of Hunter x Hunter became somehow… autonomous. It was a transition arc that completely changed (or paved the way for the future of) the dynamics of the series, similar to Heaven’s Arena.

    So I’m curious if it’s because the protagonist is a foothold (having had most exposure to the world from his POV) because he’s the protagonist, thus the journey starts and the ropes untangle with him… Yet in this unconventional story, it’s because Gon’s character is just that good.

    Because I’m totally ok with having exposure to HxH through a non-protagonist POV is a character is that well-written, for long-stretches.

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