Otoyomegatari – 49

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“Duo Derby”

It’s been a pretty good stretch for anime announcements for manga I want to see adapted, most of which I mentioned in this article a few months back.  One of them, Boku no Hero Academia, was a lock to happen of course, and there’s still no word on whether the Hi Score Girl anime was saved when the manga was restarted.  But we had Boku Dake ga Inai Machi and Sangatsu no Lion announcements too , so it’s been a good stretch. 

Given all that, it’s hard not to get greedy about the possibility of an Otoyomegatari anime, given that that’s one I want as much as any.  There are times when the drift in storytelling has been frustrating, but when Mori Kaoru returns to what most makes this a magnificent series – Karluk and Amir – all that goes away and you’re once again transported into a world of exotic beauty and tender emotion few manga present or past can match (and, it must be pointed out, that’s the part of the story a one-cour anime would almost surely focus on).

There’s dialogue in this chapter, but it very much reminds one of the nearly wordless one Mori penned a while back, featuring a day in Amir’s life.  It’s so remarkable to simply see she and Karluk together, especially when Mori-sensei adds in the wondrous nature and animal drawings that are her trademark.

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But there was definitely a little something extra in this chapter.  Karluk and Amir have been together for a while now, and their relationship has grown more complex.  I think my favorite moment here came when Amir playfully told Karluk “Don’t you start running wild on me, too” after bemoaning having neglected her horse.  There’s a world of subtext there, tied into this unusual bond – one which finds Amir sometimes playing the role of older sister, sometimes confidante and mother figure, and sometimes something else.  Karluk is a responsible child, but he’s still a coltish boy on the cusp of adolescence – he needs to give outlet to his restlessness and exuberance just as the horses do.  And of course, there’s the elephant in the room.  In that one line of dialogue, Mori slyly observes Amir in all the roles she plays in this relationship.

I’d forgive you if you wondered whether Karluk’s prize for winning the race might have been something other than archery lessons, because I certainly did.  There was a definite electricity in the air this time, a lot more blushing than usual.  Karluk is all too aware of his imperative to grow into the role of Amir’s husband, with all that implies.  I think Mori-sensei’s perpetual discretion will always win the day where that’s concerned, but this is a part of the story she creeps ever closer to exploring.

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  1. D

    Cute chapter. As usual, it's so nice seeing Karluck and Amir's interactions with one another~~

    Speaking of boku no hero academia, how are you feeling about bones making the adaptation?

  2. Do you even need to ask? It's great news AFAIK – they'll do the show justice and should actually make some money off it..

  3. e

    THESE TWO. GAH <3.
    With the gushing out of the way I do wonder about 'it must be pointed out, that's the part of the story a one-cour anime would almost surely focus on'. What if we end up getting Anis' arc instead? That would be rather soul-crushing and eye candyish at once.
    Back to the adorable couple… I had to smile at Pariya's thought bubble closing the chapter on their super-horny night activities. Relatedly: I would not mind volumes of them going hunting together.

  4. I'm not sure why any other arc would be the focus of the one-cour, NoitaminA-type adaptation this series would almost surely get – but it would indeed be soul-crushing. If anything, I'd be worried the production committee would be pushing for the twins to score moe points.

    I think the war with Amir's family – with Karluk's heroism in defending Amir – would be a natural stopping point for an adaptation.

  5. M

    I was very disappointed when the "prize" wasn't a kiss I must say. But I suppose that will only come at the very end, if at all.

  6. e

    Bring out your exorcism tools and make it the twins + Anis arc. 11 episodes material right there. Moe, yuri-bait and even a quick dash of male service at the baths. The lushest exotic settings so far at the Persian mansion. Plus the cat making epic faces. Kid diving into Mom's boobs (a nod to the shota and/or incest crowd). And just more oppai than on Saitama's hoodie. Just to top it over it'll be animated by SHAFT, directed by Shinbo and penned by Okada-san :D.

    Re:stopping point before Zeta or Maxulous comes to crush our dreams again (*hi guys* ): it would be a good one I agree. But depending on pacing and possible rearranging on the slice-of-life chapters we have two confrontation climaxes to pick from, remember? The stopping point could be just the first one ( with the balcony rescue leading to Amir's romantic attraction )… leaving a pretty decent hook development-wise for a second cour.

  7. e

    @Megaroad1: I was thinking of some really snuggly cuddling time. I can't remember in which chapter but they have kissed already btw, although it was shown just from a 'modesty' 3/4 back angle :).

  8. T

    Aside from the fact that Karluk wants to learn archery in order to go hunting with Amir (and of course the fact that its cool) I feel he also wants to do it is because he's seen the kind of men Amir has grown up with since childhood and let's face it they are not only very cool, but they are smart and worthy people to be the leaders of their tribe. I'm not down playing his own qualities, but I feel he is painfully aware that he still needs to grow as much as he can in order to become a husband worthy of Amir. I have full faith that it will happen, but I think I can understand his own frustration about those issues.

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