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    Yachi IS a game-changer. And a pretty adorable one, too. And Hinata is a wonderful person for being willing to help her out as much as he did, not that we didn't already know he was a lovely kid. This episode was incredibly sweet on a number of levels. As somebody who has experienced severe problems with her own mother's methods of "motivation", I was very pleased to see how Hitoka-chan's mama was handled when I first read this chapter. I also like that the anime team dedicated this episode solely to Hitoka, that it started and ended with her. In the manga, Hinata never takes Yachi to the station; he simply has her scream on top of her lungs while they're still out in the street, with her mother staring on the opposite side of the sidewalk. And THEN the freak-duo meet Ushiwaka (which frightens Yachi and, in a way, steals her moment's spotlight). Are you going to review ep 4 today as well, Enzo?

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    Yachi brings some nice introspection into this show, and reminds us that this isn't just a comedy, but a show that should be taken seriously. As you mentioned yourself, I really liked that Yachi is created to be a relatable character. For most people, in high school, you wouldn't have much notion of what you really want to do in life, and it is so true that all you need is a little curiosity and courage to make a first step.
    Can't wait for you to review the 4th episode, the Fukuros are introduced then!

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