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    In my view, Yachi is honestly one of the best characters of this series, for a variety of reasons, just as her hyperactive imagination is one of Haikyuu!!'s best comedic sources. Looking forward to seeing more of her animated; I'm surprised to learn her seiyuu is only 16 — she did a wonderful job with the performance. As for the episode itself, I was grinning from ear to ear throughout nearly its entire run — from Ryuu and Noya's boddhisatva faces to Hitoka-chan's lovely 'Little Giant' exclamation, it was a joy to behold. I was worried some of these initial chapters wouldn't be adapted in the most entertaining manner, but boy howdy was I in the wrong! Can't wait for the rest of the Tokyo Training Camp Arc — it is without doubt one of Haikyuu!!'s finest, both in terms of story and character progression.

  2. R

    MAL is being silly and I can't see any of the pictures D:

    But that aside, this was probably one of the episodes I was most looking forwards to. Yachi is so ADORABLY PRECIOUS my baby girl. I love her interactions with Hinata.

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    Aw She-nata don't be afraid just embrace the wealth of baka power and testosterone 8D !
    Btw… I ROFLed at her 'yikes! he has blond hair! F-F-F-F-FEAR!!!!' when Samu is as well. Furthermore she's a blonde herself too :,DDDD
    Comedy gold moment: Noya and Tanaka's bodhisattva reaction.
    Talking of Noya… first Shimizu then Tanaka's sister (who plays taiko 8D)… I sense an older woman pattern hmm hmmm 8D.

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    "Viva chest wraps!!" Made me wonder just how long Yuu has known the Tanaka family, to be able to get away with a comment like that when Saeko's brother is sitting right next to him. I really wish we could get more on the second years' backstory and goals/motivations. I wanna know how Tanaka and Noya met 😀

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    i see what you did there. what did I have with my cereal today? a little ban-nata.

  6. C

    I swear Shimizu-chan has talked more these past two episodes than in all of S1.

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    That's actually due to Yachi's presence in the whole picture. Shimizu is a generally introverted and quiet person, but having someone to personally guide and introduce to the world of the sport they all love brings out a more motherly side of her, and causes her to be vocally supportive. I believe Tanaka and Noya commented on her having suddenly become more talkative towards the end of the episode?

  8. A

    I've had a lot of fun with Haikyuu S1, which is just an effortlessly pleasant and good-natured show.
    But just like so many romcom are lacking in male supporting cast, this one was lacking in a female one – Shimizu was quite a bit too silent to count, and Michimiya, as much a winning character as she was, just wasn't present enough.

    And now Yachi is appearing to fix this flaw !
    She's absolutely incredibly cute and manages to have a ton of chemistery with the other characters from the start.

    Can't wait to see more of it all !

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