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    Ergo Proxy was one of the very 1st anime series I ever watched. Its one of the series that got me hooked on anime.

  2. And the same director (Murase Shukou) as Gangsta.

  3. s

    no shoutouts to michiko to hatchin? or was it just not your thing? the series had it blemishes but i thought for a directorial debut sayo yamamoto did a pretty decent job helming the series and giving it this distinctiveness that you dont see a lot in anime

  4. As you said, it just didn't do much for me. No time to talk about every Manglobe show.

  5. C

    Samflam will always be #1 Manglobe for me. It's like… the one time where that kind of metaphysical-shattering insanity of writing actually worked. The most literally unpredictable show I have ever watched, and it was't like that for randomness' sake. It wasn't just a guy throwing bullshit at the wall and rolling with whatever he felt like, it does have this strange, underlying logic behind its seemingly-nonsensical plot.

    It was just genius, just pure genius. They took a huge ass risk with it and obviously it bombed harder than WW II Dresden. But they still did it, and for that I will always respect and love Manglobe.

    Also, House of Five Leaves is a masterpiece that everyone should watch, but it's rather obscure don't you think?

  6. Define "obscure" as you see it in this context.

  7. C

    Obscure as in… I hardly see anyone talk about it in most contexts that aren't "which Manglobe show is your favorite?"

    Maybe sometimes when the topic is "what's the best anime of 2010" but other than that, I don't feel it has the same presence in the collective unconscious of anime fans as say… Shiki or maybe even Tatami Galaxy from that same year.

  8. Well, by that standard I would agree it's more obscure than it should be. But I think you can apply that to pretty much Manglobe's entire catalog.

  9. C

    Not sure, I think Ergo Proxy and Champloo are pretty popular, especially the latter.

  10. P

    The fluidity of the fights scenes in Samurai Champloo is enough to make you cry LOL. Easily my favourite Manglobe anime series so far and I really like their whole rough around the edges animation aesthetic (see Gangsta.)

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