Silver Week Delays

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that this week’s MAL posts (Diamond no Ace, Jitsu wa Watashi wa – there was no Souma ep this week) are going to be a couple of days late. Why? It’s Silver Week in Japan (kind of a slimmed-down autumn Golden Week) and the MAL offices are closed. The posts are written but it’s going to be Wednesday or Thursday before they’re published. Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience.



  1. E

    So MAL now has an office situated in Japan? Hopefully we can get a comments section there soon. Seems like the ones working hardest are not their official staff, hehe…

  2. S

    DnA always blue ball you until the end of the season. Great episode. It sounds like the next episode will be about Furuya, but please no. Fuck that guy. The series sucks when he's pitching

  3. G

    Why is anime so awesome and yet live action stories that are based on anime's so terrible? Just saw Ano Hana (live action) and the production values are like a bunch of high school kids made it for their club?

    Gantz, Kimi Ni Todoke, and Blood: The Last Vampire were ok but other then that every other live action anime movie is crap. I'm hoping Attack on Titan is good but not gonna bet the farm that it is.

  4. I think there's something of a reverse situation in Japan from the U.S. – live-action TV is full of terrible overacting and animation is more realistic.I've yet to find a L-A adaptation of an anime or manga I really liked, to be honest – about the best was the Peacemaker Kurogane adaptation from a few years ago.

    I have hopes for the Seirei no Moribito adaptation, as the source material is so sublime and they seem to be taking it seriously. But we'll see.

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