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    Finally, my boys Marui and Shun do something relevant. I love them and what I would give for them to have the same screentime as Takumi… I mean, I think they have the potential to be interesting and each one has an established specialty.

  2. F

    The part with Ryo was adapted weirdly. It wasn't the Tomalley he wanted them to slurp it was the Lobster brain (which is still just a lesser of two evils imo).

  3. e

    Is brain even a healthy diet? I won't eat it no matter how tasty it is.

  4. R

    Actually, the Crunchyroll translation is correct and the manga one is incorrect.

    The term used in both the manga and anime refers to the tomalley (the Japanese refer to it as kani miso because the texture resembles that of miso)

    It also makes more sense as lobster brain is not actually edible but the tomalley is considered a delicacy (same for Chinese culture and I rather like it)

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